2011 ZX10R Info Thread

Discussion in 'General' started by SpeedTechRacing, Dec 4, 2010.

  1. SpeedTechRacing

    SpeedTechRacing Speed Tech Racing

    We have 2 ZX10R's for next race season so far.

    Got lots of info on them.

    Stock on my dyno put out 164hp.

    Made a Hindle race pipe work as a slip-on muffler with the stock titanium header and picked up 4hp at the 11,000. Picked up 8 hp in the mid range and 6 up top.

    The HP does drop off after 11,500 due to them having to close the sub throttles back at that point to meet the EPA rules.

    I fixed them to be wide open all the time and the bike is now putting out 180 on my dyno. But at the same point at 180 the bike now has and easy 20 more hp.

    Really liking this bike and can't wait to get it finished and ready to race this season.
  2. SpeedTechRacing

    SpeedTechRacing Speed Tech Racing

    The bike is still very lean currently with that HP.

    I am going to make a Power commander work just to see where it ends up. Before we tear it apart.
  3. HPPT

    HPPT Admin/Mod

    What does a stock BMW put out on your dyno? How about the Suzuki?
  4. Thanks for the thread; please keep it updated. :up:

    Mine is on order.
  5. benny6d9

    benny6d9 Well-Known Member

    please keep us up dated!!
  6. RedReplicant

    RedReplicant Well-Known Member

    I like their way around the rules. :rock:
  7. ckruzel

    ckruzel Graphicologist Xtremeist

  8. Millwoodva

    Millwoodva Well-Known Member

  9. G 97

    G 97 What's my name

    It almost makes as much as my 2005 GSXR 1000:Poke::D

    Get my other motor ready so I can pick up. :)
  10. SpeedTechRacing

    SpeedTechRacing Speed Tech Racing

    Almost! Ha!

    This thing is basically stock with pump gas buddy!

    I'll have the other motor ready on Monday bud.

    Long week around here.....
  11. Suburbanrancher

    Suburbanrancher Chillzilla

    I'm thinking the kit ECU will do the same thing (keeping the sub throttles open). Love that the exhaust headers are as good as they are; I'd rather budget for the slip-on then a full system.

    Any word on suspension yet? Drop-ins, shock and the like?
  12. Suburbanrancher

    Suburbanrancher Chillzilla

  13. SpeedTechRacing

    SpeedTechRacing Speed Tech Racing

    One thing I hate about this site.

    I must have wrote about 15-20 minutes worth of shit and I got logged out and lost everything I wrote.

    DAMN IT!!!
  14. SPL170db

    SPL170db Trackday winner

    That seems strange, I thought the EPA measured sound levels at something like 1/2 maximum RPM for that particular bike?
  15. Suburbanrancher

    Suburbanrancher Chillzilla

    No, just log back in at that prompt screen and it should continue as it was; just don't back up to the previous screen or refresh the page. Happens to me too.
  16. motox

    motox 164

    kawi and their marketing department have so far impressed me. PLEASE continue your review and tell us everything so it turns out to be true
  17. rafa

    rafa Well-Known Member

    THey are measure at 1/2 rpm from the peak horsepower rpm.
    Closing the secondaries, makes the peak horse power lower, and this way makes the measurement at lower rpm's.
  18. SpeedTechRacing

    SpeedTechRacing Speed Tech Racing

    Here is some stuff I posted on my facebook page earlier.

    "The ZX10R is pretty freaking bad ass
    Just when you thought they couldn't make a bike easier to work on then the ZX6R. They came out with the new ZX10R.
    Rear lights & crap basically fall right off with a few bolts. Mirrors w/ blinkers come off very quickly.
    A big change not mentioned much of anywhere is the fuel tank de...sign being very low and back."

    "The bike does weigh 22 lbs lighter.
    Traction control, ETC. Should handle way better.
    Plus I believe someone is making a fix for the ECU secondaries with a Stock box right now. That should boost the HP way up. They are saying near 20hp gain. So that should bring it close to 190-195hp."

    Actually the exhaust is worth 4 hp at the old peak powerband but gains 8hp at the mid range and 6 up top. The secondary throttle bodies being fixed wide open with the stock ECU gained it another 12 hp. So far I have seen a 18 hp gain with the exhaust & the secondaries opened up.
    The bike is running a bit lean at the moment. I was going to make a power commander work from a ZX6R 09 but the power wire & signal wires are backwards but same connector. Too much of a pain in the ass to switch them around. I'll wait for the Kit ECU to show up. Should be a couple weeks or the first of the year.

    Everything is lighter on the bike. Injection molded plastic instead of aluminum.
    The motor is way smaller and much better designed for working on it. Very simple bike to work on.

    The swingarm looks trick. Very open design when you pull the chain gaurd off.

    The rims nearly feel weightless.

    The only thing original from the 08-10 model seems to be the brake rotors.
    The calipers use the same pads but have different pot sizes.

    The front forks & fender look nearly identical. I will take them apart and if they have the same internal components I will use a race tech kit as it has worked very well for me on the ZX6R. The clip-ons are 50mm not 51 like the ZX6R 09-11 models.

    One thing not mentioned much was the fuel tank is mostly located under the driver seat area.

    Shock manufactures have to build a custom shock for this model as there is no room around the original shock without hitting something.

    ECU has a molded holder on the airbox. Great idea as it uses less wires since it is located closer to the parts in communicates with.

    Subframe looks nearly empty when you remove the rear fender unit. I made a bracket to mount up the tip over sensor. There is just a small scooter sized battery and the starter relay behind the fuel tank. The exhaust servo was removed and that is the only space to store anything extra such as a Power Commander.

    The kickstand also serves as a bracket for the left lower bodywork mount. A bracket will have to be made to mount up the bodywork properly if the kickstand bracket is removed.

    It comes with a 525 chain. I removed that and installed a fresh 520 Vortex rear sprocket & ZX6R front 16T sprocket. Comes with a 17T.
    Chain length was the same as a ZX6R.

    Currently there is a Hindle race pipe from a ZX10R on it. The mid pipe from the race pipe slipped over the stock header but it was just slightly too big.
    The rear exhaust bracket mount off either a ZX6R 09-11 or a ZX10R 08-10 model worked perfect with the Hindle Titanium muffler.

    I have yet to check the damper to see if it is infact any better than the previous stock ones.
  19. bEeR

    bEeR Hookers & Blow

    Glad to see you'll be on a 1k next year.
  20. SpeedTechRacing

    SpeedTechRacing Speed Tech Racing

    Just checked on the damper.
    It will need a race kit installed.
    As a manufacture you just can't let the average new street dude have that kind of adjustability. They will be crashing into everything in sight in parking lots if the steering doesn't move quickly.

    I installed -2 brakelines from Goodridges 2007-2010 kit. They went on perfectly.
    Rear brake line I replaced with a Goodridge line I had new laying around in the shop.

    This bike feels exactly like my ZX6R 09 the way I got it. My ZX6R has Attack rearsets currently.
    The tank is actually narrower widthwise. The ZX6R hits the sides easlily in a crash, although not as bad as the infamous R6's.

    The master cylinder is the same as previous models which I have never had a problem with on the ZX6R.

    Airbox & filter is definately bigger in volume and the throttle bodies are bigger in size.

    Dash is very easy to read. Looks awesome. Very impressive.

    Kawasaki did an excellent job on this J model generation ZX10R.

    Next up will be the motor teardown & build. I'll keep everyone posted.
    Got any questions?

    I've been racing & building the Kawasaki ZX6R since 1998 and the ZX10R's since 2004. This is the most impressive upgrade change I have seen Kawasaki do on these models ever.

    RPM pick up lead is easy to get to after pulling the right side tank panel off. First wire in the corner Black w/orange tracer.

    TPS sensor is the Purple w/white tracer sitting on a holder on the back tank side of the airbox.

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