2007 suzuki gsxr 600 in PA $1800

Discussion in 'Bikes for Sale' started by Blackgt76, Oct 20, 2010.

  1. Cattani

    Cattani Assfault Junkies

    Good ol' bait and switch. It is confirmed running now. :rolleyes:
  2. Blackgt76

    Blackgt76 Well-Known Member

    Bait and switch huh?? Please read what i wrote before you say something. Everyone was crying that it was unknown that the bike ran. Anyone was welcome to pick it up at the salvage yard for 1800 which was dirt cheap. Now i paid shipping to have it shipped to my location, got the bike running, confirmed that the bike is structurally solid etc and has 590 miles. So at this point im supposed to sell it for $1800 still???? RIGHT
  3. Tib

    Tib Well-Known Member

    I would have bought it no problem before...unfortuantely your not able to see the bike before paying.
  4. Blackgt76

    Blackgt76 Well-Known Member

    Exactly, thats why the price was so low. I cant see the bike either so i set my margin very low and give ppl a chance to get a great deal and take a lil bit of a chance. Once the bike gets back to my shop it would be stupid for me to sellit for nothing considering the bike in a very nice overall shape and would make a perfect track bike.
  5. cNYnCArvr

    cNYnCArvr A little bit of this...

    I should try that. Find an ad elsewhere, post up the ad as mine for one low price then when I decide I have enough interest in the bike actually pick it up and start giving the"oh by the way..."
  6. cNYnCArvr

    cNYnCArvr A little bit of this...

    Free bump btw :Poke:
  7. Blackgt76

    Blackgt76 Well-Known Member

    Thanks Doushe, bike was mine when i posted it, i already won it and paid for it. But i love your gay conspiracy theory.
  8. rgs3

    rgs3 Member

    Doushe?:confused: Get your insults right douchebag.:crackup:
  9. quickscoot

    quickscoot Well-Known Member

    I believe "Dousche" is the french way of spelling it.
  10. Blackgt76

    Blackgt76 Well-Known Member

    Is anyone interested in the bike??? Or you guys gonna jerk yourselves off?????????????

    Funny thing is, you guys with barely any posts dont know jack but are so quick to talk shit. Ill laugh my ass next time you will try to buy a bike.

    CAMELTOEHUNTER Well-Known Member

    My head hurts from all the stupid clearly evident in this post. :confused:

    It's very clear, the WHOLE ad.

    People, please read.

    A) You buy and pick up the bike at 1800, it's in PA up to xxx date. Buyer beware it has shown damage.

    B) After xxx date, the owner spends money to transport it to NY, goes over the bike, verifys everything, cleans it up and spends addtl money. Now the bike is priced at xxxx.

    No bait and switch, simple buisness.
  12. Blackgt76

    Blackgt76 Well-Known Member

    AMEN.....................But wait................ why read when u can jump in and talk crap???????????????
  13. wally beast

    wally beast Active Member

    Because that's more fun :crackup:

    Wish you were closer, the shipping costs are pushing it out of the "great deal" category for me. GLWS
  14. Tib

    Tib Well-Known Member

    No offense but post count doesn't matter...my join date is 2005 and I don't post just to post. I wanted the bike if you recall and emailed about it for a few days. Either way risking any amount of money before seeing a bike is tuff. I'm sure it's a nice bike but it's always nice to see what your getting before paying. GLWS

    Ohh and I have purchased bikes from here before.
  15. Blackgt76

    Blackgt76 Well-Known Member

    I agree, thats why price was 1800, im not sure how that does not make sense still ????
  16. Tib

    Tib Well-Known Member

    I understood you and that's why I passed. I don't think there is any bait and switch...it's simple like you said...risk it for a deal or wait and pay more.
  17. rgs3

    rgs3 Member

    :crackup:I might not know Jack:confused: But I do know you started with the insults.....and you are the salesguy here! lol!:crackup:
    As they say in France, GOOD LUCK DOUSHE!
  18. Blackgt76

    Blackgt76 Well-Known Member

    Sounds good tough guy.
  19. ScreamingSon

    ScreamingSon Well-Known Member

    Check your email for your site. Not regarding this bike, but I need some goodies.
  20. Blackgt76

    Blackgt76 Well-Known Member

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