2007 suzuki gsxr 600 in PA $1800

Discussion in 'Bikes for Sale' started by Blackgt76, Oct 20, 2010.

  1. cNYnCArvr

    cNYnCArvr A little bit of this...

    <===The douche, doushe...I feel fresh and clean after all this.

    So $700 to get a bike from Hazleton, PA to Rochester. Funny, it was cheaper for me to ship a bike to California from NY.

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  2. Blackgt76

    Blackgt76 Well-Known Member

    Wow you are amazing. No 700 to ship the bike and to know that the bike runs and is structurally straight. If you are not interested in the bike please STFU and run along. Maybe if you had the balls you would have bought it for $1800. Saddest part is you feel like you have to keep it going even thought it has been cleared up more then once.

    Thanks for the bump though.
  3. dobr24

    dobr24 Well-Known Member

    This guy is on here to make a living. How about everyone just look at what he is offering. 2500.00 for a new bike (5** miles) and you can build a damn good track or race bike out it. He took the risk to buy it sight unseen so he should make some profit! Still a Great Deal! The posers on this site annoy the hell out of me. (Not saying you are one cNYnCArvr talking about others.) I wish you had to prove that you hold or have held a WERA license to post on this site! There are a lot of folks who get on here just to buy a cheap bike they can put back on the road and then they bitch about what others are selling. If you want a street bike go to a friggin stealership!
  4. R070R

    R070R Member

    Holy thread jack Batman. I don't see the problem. The guy was giving a discount due to the fact that he could not personally vouch for the bike's condition. Now he can. No more discount. Someone wanted to pay 800 less cuz they didn't know for sure. Is it so strange to believe someone would want 700 more cuz they do now. Glws dude. Sorry if I added to this Shit in any way.
  5. Whitesnake

    Whitesnake Well-Known Member

    wow...some of these guys just dont get it...lol.
  6. ScreamingSon

    ScreamingSon Well-Known Member

    Emailed you. about parts. help a brother out.
  7. Blackgt76

    Blackgt76 Well-Known Member

    Never got your email man.
  8. Blackgt76

    Blackgt76 Well-Known Member

    TTT still have bike
  9. jonsy

    jonsy Well-Known Member

    +1 ...you cant fix stupid.everyone on the internet knows everything.if you read the whole post it is pretty straight forward.:up:
  10. TLR67

    TLR67 Well-Known Member

    Bump for a good deal... and seller...
  11. 703motogp

    703motogp Well-Known Member

    BUMP FOR A GOOD SELLER! I bought 2 bikes from Roman! Good guy!

  12. Blackgt76

    Blackgt76 Well-Known Member

    more pics

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  13. Bluebyu55

    Bluebyu55 Well-Known Member

    lets finish this deal ... how much to ship to LA CA 91606 and how fast can you get the bike delivered

  14. Blackgt76

    Blackgt76 Well-Known Member

    By forward air it will be abpout $600, by truck about $500, forward air will be much faster
  15. cesarpao05

    cesarpao05 Active Member

    Will you take. The 1700 I pick it up at u location. Let me know tanks.
  16. Blackgt76

    Blackgt76 Well-Known Member

    NO i will not take 1700
  17. Blackgt76

    Blackgt76 Well-Known Member

    Please close this, i guess reading the whole threat is way too confusing for way too many ppl.
  18. Want2dragknee

    Want2dragknee Well-Known Member


    Your a jackass. I have personally dealt with roman before. Drove all the way from michigan to NY to buy a salvaged 2001 Ford Explorer for $1400 I think. Drove the car the whole way back to michigan with no problems. It was a gamble but for $1400 there is no room to bitch. Either pay a cheap price for a wrecked bike take a chance on it or go buy a perfect used one for $1000's and $1000's more.

    PS cool post count. Maybe when you spend some more time on this site you will understand things.
  19. NeeksRR

    NeeksRR Well-Known Member

    Only on the WERA forum you get so much bullshit posted....:Pop:

    I feel bad your thread got filled with so much off topic BS, this bike will make a sick track project.

    Hopefully someone gets this, GLWS
  20. Bunghole

    Bunghole Well-Known Member

    this guy is clearly a dealer, it looks to me he purchased this bike from a dealers only auction. The insurance companys total out the bike, put them up for bid to any dealer with a license and registered with the auction site. unless the bike has clear damage to the case or fell out of the back of a truck it had to have been running when it was totaled. His only mistake was not saying if he had to pick the bike up himself the price would be void.

    I have purchased bikes like this myself through dealers in my area, they all would run with just a little TLC, he was just going to bypass the middle man (himself) to give someone a good deal.

    just my .02

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