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What would you build id you had more time, or money?

Discussion in 'WERA Vintage' started by dave3593, Sep 14, 2023.

  1. ahrma_581

    ahrma_581 Well-Known Member

    Same stroke, long rod is to compensate for short crown to wristpin distance on the IT pistons. Don't think I worked out exact spacing so would probably require cylinder base spacers or machining to get timing and compression right. Long rods were a Banshee aftermarket part; big end was a millimeter or two wider than RD/TZ, so crank would need to be machined or maybe fit an RZ crank. More details never fully worked out.

    On subject of snowmobile triples in bike frames, https://thekneeslider.com/monotrack-experimental-by-dan-hanebrink/ I remember seeing it at Ontario mid/late 70's. The builder was rather more known for precision swing arm pivot kits for Z1's and RD's. I think except for the tires and clutch belt literally every part on it was carved from billet. Oh and it was an SOB to launch. He was invariably last into turn 1.
  2. kenessex

    kenessex unregistered user

    For those think about a snow mobile engied bike, consider a transmission out of a Honda ST1100. It is a non unit type gearbox that was stuffed inline with the lomgitudinal v4 engine and looks like it could be rotated 90* and used with a parallel crank engine. I have seen them on ebay for about $100. I have been considering the concept for a few years but lack the space in the garage and probably lack the fabrication skills to make it work.
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  3. Jeff McKinney

    Jeff McKinney Well-Known Member

    Kaw would probably handle better.
  4. dave3593

    dave3593 What I know about opera I learned from Bugs Bunny

    That ST1100 gearbox would be quite a problem solver. How is the clutch set up?
  5. Robin172

    Robin172 Well-Known Member

    Kim Newcombe finished second in the 1973 500cc World Championship on a bike using a hydroplane engine. There were a few others used the same engine in the time (Konig) and it also was used to win the sidecar world championship as well.
  6. dave3593

    dave3593 What I know about opera I learned from Bugs Bunny

    Konig had such a tragic history. There is one of those bikes in the Barber museum.
  7. kenessex

    kenessex unregistered user

    The xlutch is axternal to the transmission. I would look at using the dry clutch setup from a Ducati.
  8. CBRRRRR999

    CBRRRRR999 Well-Known Member

    Rz250 with later TZ cylinders.
    Period correct but upgraded parts.

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