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Roebling Road Crash (A Superstock)

Discussion in 'Race Reports' started by Vet, Apr 3, 2015.

  1. Vet

    Vet Member

    Big thanks to everyone that assisted my wife after my last lap crash on March 14th during the A Superstock race. I could not see who you all were but she was so grateful and appreciative of everyone. She told the Chaplin that she felt as though we were all one big family. The crash was all on me, it started to rain on the last lap, and the grip was gone immediately and I tucked the front on turn #4. I suffered a fracture of my C7 and two fractures on my ring fingers. The healing process is slow, but I will be back. However I will be wearing a Leatt STX RR Road Neck Brace, and a air vest:) Any good recommendations please let me know. I was on bike #65 Novice, tried to upload pics from race but upload failed:confused:

  2. Lazy Destroyer

    Lazy Destroyer Well-Known Member

    Hey Rob, really glad you are doing okay. You had us worried there for a bit :)
    Looking forward to seeing you get back out there!

    For the upload, you may need to re-size the image down to a smaller file size. Or upload to a site like photobucket or something and just use the URL from that site here.
  3. Vet

    Vet Member

    Thanks Blake:up:
  4. thisisrandy

    thisisrandy CMRA RoadRacer 981

    Great to hear you're okay and your wife was there to support you. We give those ladies hell but they always seem to be that rock we need at times like these.
    I wish you a speedy recovery!!!

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