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Phillip Island Int'l Classic 2020

Discussion in 'Race Reports' started by Bruce Lind, Oct 22, 2019.

  1. Bruce Lind

    Bruce Lind Well-Known Member

    In case you don't already know that I have decided to return to PI next January which will be my Seventh DECADE in competition!

    I’ve been working on the TZ750 since it came back from PI in April.

    If you remember, I had problems with fouling the plugs and ultimately the shifting problem on Sunday where the bike would not engage 2nd gear.

    Spent an entire day with WASCO to repair/rework the “bridge” between the trans and the crankcase. Had to use old style “black smith” methods to “Hammer” the aluminum back into position to seal. Richard used a straight edge and a flash light to inspect the repair. We continued to use hammers, punches and backing steel plates until the surface was “FLAT”.

    The problem with the gearbox, turned out to be a bent shift fork that was causing one of the sliding gears to tilt and lock onto the shaft. Aquired one of the only #2 forks left in the world from Padgets in the UK. Installed and if shifted correctly on the bench.

    A second trip to “THE RIDGE” in Shelton, Washington in August, confirmed that everything is now working properly.

    Will be a joy to actually be able to ride the TZ750 at PI with everything finally working the way it should.

    The acceleration of these old 750's is so much more impressive than the TZ250's I've been riding since 1992!

    I made the decision to go back to PI in June and started making the arrangements.

    First was to find air reservations.

    Had Delta, Alaska and credit card points that could be used.

    Determined that the best deal was using Alaska mileage points. Especially when it came up that I could get FIRST class on a Qantas A380 from LAX to SYD and Business from SYD to MEL for 70 K miles and a few $$.

    Even though I used to fly 130k miles a year for Boeing, this will be my first flight on a 380 and it's in FIRST CLASS!

    So then it was on the confuser to find an Air B&B in Cowes for the days we needed. Both of the houses we had previously used were already booked.

    So we reserved a new one closer to the town pier.

    As usual, we will fly into Melbourne and spend a day and two nights.

    Arriving in Cowes on Monday January 20th.

    Waiting to hear if there will be track days prior to the International classic or after.

    We are scheduled to fly out of MEL on Monday Jan 27.

    Bruce Lind
  2. britx303

    britx303 Oh long Johnson!

    Wow! 7th decade???!!!:bow: Need a pit b#tch?:D
  3. Bruce Lind

    Bruce Lind Well-Known Member

    I have one joining me from New Zealand.
  4. Bruce Lind

    Bruce Lind Well-Known Member

    Week ago Thursday I loaded and delivered the motorcycle and crate to the freight company by Sea Tac for delivery to Hayward Cali to consolidate in the container for Australia to attend my third Phillip Island International Classic in January. (Which will be my Seventh DECADE of Competition on the pavement!) Was to be delivered on Tuesday 11/18 to support container load on 11/22.

    Called TransFreight’s contact on Tuesday and had to leave voice mail.

    Tried again to confirm delivery on Thursday.

    Friday mid day I was notified that my crate was not at the warehouse in Hayward.

    Contacted JET Expedited transit for trace.

    They contacted their SFO location who provided a Delivery record.

    The signator was determined to not work for TransFreight.

    Asked for confirmation of delivery location.

    Turned out the DO paperwork listed the phone number of the shipper we used last year which is in Fremont. NOT Hayward.

    Friday pm started to work the problem.

    Both Freight forwarders are closed over the weekend.

    Did connect with a nice guy at JET PDX. He tried to locate a truck to pick up the crate and relocate it as we had to have it in the right location by noon on Monday or I would miss the container.

    Phone calls all weekend to no resolution.

    Sunday pm, was notified that one of the other TEAM USA riders was going by Fremont on his way to Hayward to deliver his crate and would pick up mine on the way.

    Confirmed on Monday AM. Made the cut off.


    Bruce Lind
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  5. Motofun352

    Motofun352 Well-Known Member

    Whew! Close call....Good Luck. Who is riding on the team? Having 2 old FJs I appreciate the work it takes to make these girls run.
  6. Bruce Lind

    Bruce Lind Well-Known Member

    Team USA for the Phillip Island International Classic

    Josh Hayes Mojo Yamaha/Dunlop Yamaha CMR FJ 1983 1298
    Larry Pegram Mojo Yamaha/Pirelli Yamaha CMR FJ 1983 1298
    Jordan Szoke Mojo Yamaha/Dunlop Yamaha CMR FJ 1983 1298
    Michael Gilbert Mojo Yamaha/Dunlop Yamaha CMR FJ 1983 1298
    Taylor Knapp Mojo Yamaha/Dunlop Yamaha CMR FJ 1983 1298
    Melissa Paris Mojo Yamaha/Dunlop Yamaha TZ750 1978 748
    Jorge Gurero Suzuki CMR GS 1983 1298
    Joe Pethoud Vicious Cycles Yamaha Harris FJ 1983 1298
    Brian Filo Mojo Kawasaki Kawasaki P&M Z1 1978 1298
    Bruce Lind Bruce Lind Racing Yamaha TZ750 1975 748
    Robert Ruwoldt Kawasaki Harris KZ 1978 1298
    Dave Crussell Mojo Yamaha/Dunlop Yamaha TZ750 1978 748
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  7. riversbikes

    riversbikes Well-Known Member

    Big props to Melissa -- a TZ750 is not a "girl's bike"!!!
  8. Shenanigans

    Shenanigans in Mr.Rogers neighborhood

    Glad you got it sorted
  9. Bruce Lind

    Bruce Lind Well-Known Member

    Neither is the R1 she has been racing.

    But then, Melissa is not your usual "girl"!
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  10. Bruce Lind

    Bruce Lind Well-Known Member

    Just days now till I fly to Melbourne.

    Conditions in Australia are and will be challenging. The fires are still out of control. Depending on weather and wind conditions, air quality in Melbourne and Phillip Island could be smoky and un healthy! My wife, who has bronchitis, has just decided to cancel her trip. Will post when and if I have time while on the Island.

    Bruce Lind
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  11. Bruce Lind

    Bruce Lind Well-Known Member

    The full length race report is over on NATSForum.net

    Bruce Lind
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  12. Bruce Lind

    Bruce Lind Well-Known Member

    Finally got around to posting photo's from the 2020 PI IC over on the NATS forum

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