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i2m Chrome Pro 2 + sensors/accessories

Discussion in 'Parts for Sale' started by Michael Bassani, May 8, 2024.

  1. Michael Bassani

    Michael Bassani Well-Known Member

    I2M Chrome Pro 2 for sale.

    $1,900 shipped.

    I have my dash logger from i2m for sale, no issues with the unit and I am only selling it due to a partnership with another data logging company and switching platforms as a result. It's a great unit that has an incredible amount of functionality for nearly every bike. Never crashed with the dash installed, and it has no damage.

    Originally purchased in April 2023, and used for approximately 10 weekends.
    I'm including the Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor that I bought for this, it can data log your heart rate on while wearing the sensor on track and overlay it on your data.

    The package includes:

    i2m Chrome Pro 2 - $2,253 MSRP
    2007+ Honda CBR600RR P&P Adapter - $81.90 MSRP
    P&P Sensor Wiring Expansion Loom - $68.80 MSRP
    i2m 0-100 Bar Brake Pressure Sensor - $257.40 MSRP
    i2m Inductive Wheel Speed Sensor - $70.20 MSRP
    Polar H10 Heart Rate Sensor - $100 MSRP

    The Chrome Pro 2 dash includes everything shown on the i2m website, except for the TPMS sensors.
    I am keeping these and bringing them to my new platform. Quite frankly they're some of the best tire pressure/tire temperature sensors for the price. Comparable functionality is hard to find outside of 2D's product line, and their TPMS system is €2,800 alone.

    New TPMS sensors can be purchased from either Superbike Unlimited or Warhorse HSBK for around $90/each.

    The dash is currently installed on my bike until it sells, it will ship in the original packaging anywhere in the continental US. I won't sell the pieces individually.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    IMG_1595 2 Large.jpeg IMG_1596 2 Large.jpeg IMG_1599 2 Large.jpeg
  2. Michael Bassani

    Michael Bassani Well-Known Member

    Sale payment pending.
    Considered sold unless stated otherwise.
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