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I need a new handgun...lets talk guns today. :D

Discussion in 'General' started by Kris87, Mar 17, 2010.

  1. redtailracing

    redtailracing gone tuna fishin'

    I did my first one on a trust but we are actually going to be consolidating a lot of our assets to a trust in the near future as it is so I was gonna be faced with another stamp for that transfer regardless (seemed silly having multiple trusts, just for suppressors). Figured I might as well benefit from the shorter individual wait times at least.
  2. S Tsotsoros

    S Tsotsoros aka General Tso

    Ron R to the white courtesy phone please.

    My son in law lives in VA and purchased a new firearm a few days ago. Today, a Colt 45 his father bequeathed to him was returned to an FFL from a gunsmith he contracted to refurbish it. The FFL that received the Handgun from the gunsmith is the same FFL that shipped it to the gunsmith.

    When he went to pick-up HIS firearm the FFL refused to return it to him because he purchased a firearm within the last 30 days. He was told to come back in 30 days to get it.

    I understand how this law applies to purchases of new firearms but I don’t understand why it is being applied to a firearm he already owns.

    Is this a legitimate application of the law? If yes, is he stuck waiting the 30 days or is there an alternative path he can take to retrieve his Colt?
  3. RonR

    RonR Well-Known Member

    Gun smithing does not require a 4473 thus he should have been able to pick up with no issues. Storage or consignment does with any wait time that would go along with the state laws.
    That’s the way I learned it. If I’m wrong I’m confident I’ll be corrected lol
  4. StaccatoFan

    StaccatoFan My 13 year old is faster than your President

    Ron's right.

    I just did this with Cajun Gun Works. They have an FFL, so:

    - Cajun sent me a copy of their FFL and a FedEx Label.
    - I went to my local FedEx and they boxed up the gun WITH the copy of the FFL, slapped on the label and shipped the gun to Cajun.
    - Cajun installed their Pro Package trigger kit, barrel bushing, and Dawson Precision sights
    - They boxed the gun with a copy of the FFL, and FedEx'd it back to me when it was done.
    - The gun showed up at my front door via FedEx signature (over 21) required.

    The whole process and customer experience was completely excellent. If you have a CZ 75/Shadow series pistol...cannot recommend enough.

    But your Son in Law isn't buying a gun...it's his already.
  5. Doing the same this upcoming week. I just got one back in 27 calendar days which was better than the last two at 7 and 9 months.
  6. S Tsotsoros

    S Tsotsoros aka General Tso

    Thanks for the feedback Ron and Staccato Fan,

    Had he shipped directly to the Gunsmith, as Staccato did, the transaction would have worked as described. The issue he’s running into is, he opted to use a 3rd party FFL to ship to and receive from the gunsmith and the FFL is telling him he has to complete a 4473 to take possession of his Colt.

    Makes no sense to me unless the FFL is required to transfer the gun back to him.

    I’ll arm him with the info from Ron R and we’ll see if it resolves the issue.
  7. RonR

    RonR Well-Known Member

    The ffl has some latitude how he enters it into his A&D book. I have done cleaning on firearms as a gunsmith service.
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  8. StaccatoFan

    StaccatoFan My 13 year old is faster than your President

    And I typed my answer incompletely. I was headed to bed but I wanted to give an answer first.

    Part of my point of answering was to mostly put my experience with Cajun in this thread and provide anyone shipping a firearm a little “How To” in bullet point steps. That was my very first time shipping a firearm and it felt weird walking into FedEx rather than a gun shop for the shipping. But the folks at FedEx were completely fantastic and extremely helpful. They made it a breeze.

    Cajun was also awesome to deal with. They paid for the shipping up front and just added it to my final bill.

    My CZ75 P01 Da/Sa trigger went from 10/5lbs to 6/3. And it’s an absolute shit ton better trigger.
  9. redtailracing

    redtailracing gone tuna fishin'

    I just came here to point out how utterly fucking absurd it is that this is even a question regarding gunsmithing work, ownership, possession, and transfers. Fuck the ATF.
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  10. Resident Plarp

    Resident Plarp drittsekkmanufacturing.com

    In Soviet Ameriķa, ATF fuqs U!
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  11. StaccatoFan

    StaccatoFan My 13 year old is faster than your President

    while I agree with you on many levels. The problem is the people in the shipping process more than anything in my opinion. It’s not the gun owner or the gunsmith or gun shop.

    I live near Baltimore. A known American epicenter of good law abiding citizens. I ordered 1000 rounds of 9mm last year. When the box arrived. It had 46 rounds in a single box meant to hold 50. It had obviously been opened and retaped. I insured the package. So I got a full refund. But somewhere in Baltimore is 950 rounds a good American citizen didn’t pay for.

    Thats the kind of shit the ATF should be investigating. Maybe in a couple months they will.
  12. redtailracing

    redtailracing gone tuna fishin'

    Agreed. But it’s much easier to target law abiding citizens than actual criminals. So that’s what they’ll do in order to justify their own existence.
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  13. S Tsotsoros

    S Tsotsoros aka General Tso

    My Son in law is taking a printed copy of the CFR with him in an attempt to help them understand the regulation.

    Hopefully, they aren’t too proud to acknowledge their erroneous interpretation.

    § 478.124 Firearms transaction record.

    1. a.A licensed importer, licensed manufacturer, or licensed dealer shall not sell or otherwise dispose, temporarily or permanently, of any firearm to any person, other than another licensee, unless the licensee records the transaction on a firearms transaction record, Form 4473: Provided, That a firearmstransaction record, Form 4473, shall not be required to record the disposition made of a firearm delivered to a licensee for the sole purpose of repair or customizing when such firearm or a replacement firearm is returned to the person from whom received.
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  14. gapman789

    gapman789 Well-Known Member

  15. StaccatoFan

    StaccatoFan My 13 year old is faster than your President

    I picked up my P365 Legion today and went right to the range. Nice gun. Not my Staccato CS. But a pretty sweet little firearm nonetheless. I’ll spend some time getting to know it better to decide if I want a Holosun EPC. But it’s going to make a great carry choice.

    My girlfriend put a Staccato CS on layaway. :)
  16. S Tsotsoros

    S Tsotsoros aka General Tso

    Taking the CFR document to the FFL did the trick.
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  17. gapman789

    gapman789 Well-Known Member

    School me on .300 blackout complete uppers that are 'suppressor ready'.

    Can you make a 'regular' upper suppressor ready?

    Can you put a suppressor on any AR style upper by changing the rail?

    I'd rather just get a 'suppressor ready' upper and be done with it.

    I've decided to put make my Franklin Armory with the binary trigger, into a suppressed , 8-10.5", .300 blackout pistol.



    I can damn near get a complete .300 BO pistol for the price up just an upper.
    Would it make sense to buy a complete .300, take the upper off, put it on my Binary triggered lower, and then buy a 5.56 or 9mm upper for the other lower that I stole the upper from?

    Last edited: Apr 21, 2024
  18. Jedb

    Jedb Professional Novice :-)

    Inline below in red.

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  19. motorkas

    motorkas Well-Known Member

    That "suppressor ready" upper just means they added a SilencerCo ASR brake to the upper so it will work with an ASR mount (and you'll have to buy the ASR mount if you're not buying a silencerCo can that comes with one).



    In my opinion that in no way make's it "suppressor" ready and I'm betting they added the cost of the brake to the upper which will then lock you in to using a SilencerCo ASR mounting system which brings me to the most important point about making your gun "suppressor ready" - first, chose what mounting system you want to use. Pros and Cons to all of them (Dead Air Keymo, YHM Kurz, SilencerCo ASR ect).




    Personally I use the ASR, but if I had to do it all over again, I'd go YHM Kurz (biggest knock on them is that the brakes are pretty damn ugly) but truthfully, once you start shooting suppressed, you'll rarely (if ever) are going to see that brake/ flash hider - but do your own research on it and choose what's right for you. The reason why it matters is because between the brakes and mounts, it'll add up real quick (I have close to 1500.00 just in brakes and mounts - hence the reason I'm not switching to YHM kurz).

    As far as making it "suppressor ready" next step is get one of these:


    Expensive for what it is - yep - but the ability to adjust your gas on the fly with just a click (especially if you're going back and forth between subs and supers with .300 BO) - it's worth every penny. I recently bought a sub 500.00 PSA 11.5 inch 556, and the first thing I did was spend about 50% of it's purchase price putting that gas block on it - and I don't regret it for a second.

    Finally, regardless of these systems being billed as "quick detach" - understand, you put a rifle caliber mag through a can (especially at a marginally rapid pace) and that can is getting REALLY hot. Now, you'll be able to take it off with your high heat protection of choice if you want to put it on another rifle you brought (as long as it has the right brake/ flash hider on it), but then put that hot can on a cold brake, and the next time you try to quick detach, it can neither be quick. . .nor actually detach (I've had that happen WITH anti seize on the brake and inside the mount). That's the reason I have four rifle cans - but that also now means 4 mounts (and that's how it adds up quick).
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  20. redtailracing

    redtailracing gone tuna fishin'

    1. Suppressor ready is a bs gimmick to sell you on already installed muzzle devices and/or adjustable gas blocks, neither of which is necessary.

    2. Buy the upper you want first. Then determine what suppressor you want, buy matching muzzle device accordingly. Yes it can become a rabbit hole but given the cost and headache of suppressors, it’s worth performing due diligence in advance.

    3. Are you sure you want to go the .300blk route? Interesting and versatile round for sure but rather niche at the same time.

    4. And lastly, while I’m sure to get flamed for this, don’t cheap out on an upper for this caliber. .300blk is the most finicky round I’ve ever dealt with due to the extreme operating windows. Frankly it is probably the last caliber I’d ever buy a cheap upper for. Just my .02.
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