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Discussion in 'General' started by Dyle, Jul 6, 2011.

  1. Dyle

    Dyle Glad its a new year!!

    Hey guys this is Rena and I just wanted to let all of you know that he was released from the hospital today, he is still in alot of pain but he is doing very good. Looks like he laid down on the track and got ran over by a few motorcycles, has alot of bruises but he looks great considering the things he has been through this week. And I want to thank you all for your caring and prayers it raised his spirits so much and a few made him laugh which was a joy to us so thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you love and know that we feel the same about all of you guys. So from Dyles family to all you riders may your bikes run true and you all see the checkered flag.
  2. H8R

    H8R Bansgivings in process

  3. El Skwid!

    El Skwid! Old guy, old bikes

    So this guy has to have major surgery to get his paint job finished?!
    Just kidding!
    Are you sure you can't throw a leg over it @ RRR?
    Duhamel went from crutches to bike to victory! Come on old man, ya got 2 weeks!
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  4. Dyle

    Dyle Glad its a new year!!

    Oh well thats plenty of time.......:moon:
    Ill be there but not riding. The man up stairs has said NO!
    Hey save me a parking spot for the minivan not the big rig. I wont get there till Sunday though. I dont think Ill be up for 2 days of camping yet.
  5. kjohnson

    kjohnson Axis

    You're now a member of "The Zipper Club" ;)
  6. Dyle

    Dyle Glad its a new year!!

    KJ its funny you said it that way because when the Doctor explained it to Rena and I that was his exact words. You gonna be at RRR brother?
  7. naked amy

    naked amy Well-Known Member

    hey, missed you on yahoo, but really glad to hear your getting better! Get some rest man!!!
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  8. Dyle

    Dyle Glad its a new year!!

    Day 2 at home. The nights are really tuff because I cant just lay in any position until the chest plate fuses back together. It hurts all night and its swollen black and purple. I dont think Ive gotten more than a couple hours sleep tops since I got home. Im gonna post up a video on youtube for the curious eye to see just what it looks like to be lucky and alive but what you will go thru if you take advantage of yourself.
    Amy hows that back doing girl?? Hope its not giving you to much problems. When we gonna see you trackside again girl?
  9. bEeR

    bEeR Hookers & Blow

    Glad to hear you're doing better.
  10. kjohnson

    kjohnson Axis

    Nah.Savin pennies for VIR.
  11. Dyle

    Dyle Glad its a new year!!

    Day 3.....All bruised up. From head to my growing area. No oozing or puss or anything so far to worry about other than ankles the size of a pregnant womans. Sleeping is impossible, Someone needs to invent the custom air chair that just suspends you with a nice cushion of air. So you can turn from side to side or on your belly or however it is you sleep. Im not one to sleep very still and sleeping on my back is the most uncomfortable possition. Good thing I had the DVR set I just sat in front of the TV watching the weekends races AMA and WSB and reruns of NCIS and Bones.
    Hope to make a presence at RRR next weekend just to say hello. After all it is going to be my bday.
  12. Dyle

    Dyle Glad its a new year!!

    Hey everyone. 31 days now since the heart attack and by pass surgery and well I have my good days and bad. I still hurt a good bit but the swelling and bruising has gone down a good bit. I posted a vid to maybe help someone or anyone stop and think about how they are living there lives. Hope it helps.
    Good luck and God bless all of you for the wonderfull wishes.


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