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Fox Racing Shocks Guru's

Discussion in 'WERA Vintage' started by OWO1, Sep 24, 2021.

  1. OWO1

    OWO1 Well-Known Member

    Almighty Beeb,

    Who are the 'go to guys' for old Fox racing shocks (80-90's) I acquired one, but need to verify what model it is for and get it rebuilt.

    Thank you!

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  2. crashman

    crashman Grumpy old man

    Traxxion Dynamics did mine.
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  3. SpeedyE

    SpeedyE Experimental prototype, never meant for production

    They are pretty simple to rebuild, But yes, I would send to Traxxion or Thermsoman if I had the $ to do so. Not worth the hassle/oil-filth to do, if u have $.... well worth the $ to have Traxx/Therm do

    FOX TC rebuilds.JPG
  4. RRP

    RRP Kinda Superbikey

    Zoran/TWF has done several 2nd Gen oil cooled GSXR Fox Shocks for me.
  5. VFR#52

    VFR#52 Well-Known Member

    Here is the [problem i ran into myself with older suspension And getting it done right.
    Nobody is alive who worked on them when new!
    Thermosman is still alive and the best because he was working on them when they were new.
    His experience is priceless and he solved my fork issue when everyone kept telling me it needed revalving.
    Yet i had Ohlins valves in them.
    dont waste your time with anyone else.
    Had a suspension tell me that my Fox didnt take 300lbs of nitrogen but only 150 because he had never seen a shock take that much.
    But yet i was holding the repair manual for the fox shock and showing him what it took.
    Lets say it didnt work worth a crap when i got it back.
    it did after i bought a nitrogen tank and gauge and put 300 in it.
    Mike is the man and i will stand on that statement.

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  6. Billy B

    Billy B Old N Slow

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  7. motosapien

    motosapien Active Member

  8. CLM81

    CLM81 Well-Known Member

    I contacted Fox a couple years ago about servicing my Twin Clicker and the person on the other side of the emails first said they never made it and then after I sent a picture of it said they will not accept it for repairs. I may have just got someone having a bad week. Since it had very low time on it ( one race on it in 98 and sat since) I just ran it. So I would say Fox may be out and just go with the few shops that deal with vintage suspension
  9. VFR#52

    VFR#52 Well-Known Member

    I had a fox rear shock for my F3 and when I called fox the guy had to dig around to see if he even had seals and parts for it.
    He did in fact find a rebuild kit and sold it to me and I did the rebuild.
    What I found out after that was how little any suspension guy knew about the fox shock.
    Penski is what's common now.
    Now ask Mike about a fox and he can tell you anything you need to know from revalving them to getting parts.
    I'm 57 now and racing a 97 F3.
    I raced these bikes qhe they were new.
    So people who actually worked on older bikes are dead now.
    LE is gone.
    I used him back in day.
    Now I use and recommend Mike at Thermosman for that very reason and he is a good dude.
    Oh and the kit I got was actually discolored and stained with dust when I got it from sitting on shelf for so long. Lol
    And that was 2010 when I did this.
    Best of luck.

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  10. ungwaha

    ungwaha Well-Known Member

    Ed Sorbo bought LE from Jim before Jim passed.
    I used John Tyus @ CTR Suspensions to rebuild the Fox on my ZX7
  11. VFR#52

    VFR#52 Well-Known Member

    Yes he did and honestly he was a dick when I called him to fix my SRAD forks because he didn't want to listen to anything I said or asked.
    Now 35 yrs building Transmissions i kinda have an idea about how hydraulics work.
    But Ed proceeded to explain how ignorant I am and I didn't know anything.
    I was wasting his time and he took the time to tell me so.
    Lol again this is why I recommend Mike.
    Great guy and he has the knowledge on the older stuff.

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  12. Kev59

    Kev59 Well-Known Member

    All I got from that was Ed didn't want to listen to anything you said... Go figure.
    I am kidding with you, Steve.
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  13. VFR#52

    VFR#52 Well-Known Member

    Seems i get that a LOT. Bahhahahahahah. I do know that is not how a person should run a business yet in the road racing world its common practice! Imagine that. Ole well. i know nothing.

  14. Kev59

    Kev59 Well-Known Member

    You're good people, Steven. People just don't understand you. Neither do I but you've always done things your way without regard to what others think. Plus, you've got some pretty thick skin, which goes a long way around here!
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  15. This old Rz

    This old Rz Well-Known Member

    That was pretty much my experience as well.
    I was looking for a revalved front and rear on my RZ350 project, Wanted to keep it simple.
    Then replace fork seals for my SRAD...(just fork seals) I said I want the forks set up exactly like they are..no changes please.

    It was set up by a company called Catalyst Reaction, and frankly just handles absolutely sublime for my intended use.

    I don't think he wanted to hear that...lol and said he would set them up his way, with his settings.
    If I recall he was in the middle of a move was closing down his shop and working out of his garage or something like that?

    Now he wasn't a dick or argumentative or anyting , just came across more or less as " his way or no way".

    The GSXR also has a Fox Adj Twin Clicker...

    Still don't know why Fix stopped motorcycles...seems there was always a market for that...
    But now there the orimier dominant aftermarket shock company, and supplier to many a manufacturer..
    Seems they know what there doing
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  16. t500racer

    t500racer Never Fails To Fail

    Yup. Thor has/can get the rebuild parts for the old Fox stuff. He's done my shocks for years, roadrace and offroad.
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  17. chobes

    chobes Well-Known Member

  18. shift96

    shift96 Well-Known Member

    My question is how much different is a fox shock that finding someone to service it's an issue? Is it a parts availability thing? I can't see a Fox shock being too much different then newer shocks?
  19. Billy B

    Billy B Old N Slow

    I think its mainly the parts availability that's the issue - I'm no expert but I don't know how available the seal heads/etc are for the older Fox stuff. But anyways, like I said above, Thor Lawson has always been great for me on Fox stuff: http://evolutionsuspensionproducts.com/
  20. shift96

    shift96 Well-Known Member

    Good info thanks

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