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Fedex delivery issues

Discussion in 'General' started by iomfan, Feb 4, 2023.

  1. iomfan

    iomfan Well-Known Member

    The last 2 Saturdays, FedEx has delivered packages to a different home/address than the correct one . I have photo proof of todays mis-delivery. Problem is I cannot share this info with a human at my local Fedex hub where I live.

    Any suggestions?
  2. Venom51

    Venom51 John Deere Equipment Expert - Not really

    FedExcrement strikes again...
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  3. fastfreddie

    fastfreddie Midnight Oil Garage

    Someone else's name/address got delivered to you, or you were trying to deliver illegal contents and it was delivered to the wrong address and yo' ass is in a sling, thus explaining why you can't talk to anyone about it? o_O
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  4. iomfan

    iomfan Well-Known Member

    My ebay purchases have been delivered to someone else. Photo by Fedex from todays delivery is not of my house where the delivery occurred. I've been unsuccessful trying to communicate this to FedEx.
  5. fastfreddie

    fastfreddie Midnight Oil Garage

    That sucks. Were these items PayPal-ed? Just askin' cuz, well, ebay and PayPal...seemingly zero accountability.
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  6. Sabre699

    Sabre699 Wait...hold my beer.

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  7. HPPT

    HPPT !!!

  8. iomfan

    iomfan Well-Known Member

    Since ebay payment was with a cc, I'll go that route if necessary.

    Have had no FedEx delivery issues until last Saturday & now again this Saturday.

    Something has changed -Driver or their operation.

    My ebay shipping address is the same as it's been. No issues so far with UPS.
  9. iomfan

    iomfan Well-Known Member

  10. thunderalley3

    thunderalley3 Well-Known Member

    We have two different FedEx drivers that service our house. The "company" driver is great. You can set your watch by him and he is polite and sincere, I get shipments that come overnight twice a month and he always has that delivery. I have them no signature required but I usually try to be home to tell him thank you because he does a great job.
    I cringe when I order something else and they only ship FedEx ground, that is handled by a "contractor" and they are the absolute worst sewer chewers you could ever deal with. Rude, leave music blasting from their trucks and could give two shits about anything. I stood in my window and watched them pull up with a package that required a signature to see them pull away immediately and post it as "not home". I had pictures, called the hub and they asked how I knew he did not get out of the truck and that I was not home. I said I have pictures and that I wanted to send them the pictures and that I wanted my package that I was waiting at home for. "Well he has already continued on his route, he will try again tomorrow, no, I am not staying home another day for his lazy ass. I finally got the package about 4 hours later. Screw FedEx contract carriers!!
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  11. yokohama1

    yokohama1 Well-Known Member

    Feel like I should always say a few prayers when handing something over for shipping.
    Just had UPS lose forks and shock this week. No one has a clue where it could be. Was only shipping to T-Man in GA so i suppose should have driven the 6 hours myself and handed them over.
    Welcome to the ‘20’s. Might as well be the 1920’s
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  12. iomfan

    iomfan Well-Known Member


    Today's supposed delivery just arrived as what was probably an Amazon delivery (in Amazon box - didn't see actual delivery.) No FedEx label on the box.

    Shipper apparently provided incorrect tracking information.

    Not encouraged about the first package ever arriving.

    I appreciate all of everyone's input and giving me a place to vent.
  13. Rising

    Rising Well-Known Member

    I had a package from STG delivered by UPS to the wrong address. STG put the correct address on the label but the UPS created barcode label was incorrect. Thankfully whoever it was delivered to alerted UPS right away. I was in the process of calling UPS to report the missing package when they called me. They called to acknowledge the package had been delivered to the incorrect location and to confirm my address. I got the package the day I was supposed to but just a few hours later. It was an airbag vest so I was a little nervous when I got a delivery confirmation and then there was no package when I got home.
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  14. iomfan

    iomfan Well-Known Member

    Hopefully both of your suspension items turn up soon. I sent 2 street jackets via UPS to Barnacle Bills for zipper replacement and they returned successfully. I pretty much held my breath until they did.
  15. tony 340

    tony 340 Well-Known Member

    I had bought a used/rare ish $6k pinball machine from a guy in California.

    Guy takes it apart, bolts it to a pallet, everything he was supposed to do.

    I arranged with UPS to pickup at their main hub right by the airport so shit didn't go sideways.

    I back my pickup truck to the ramp, forklift starts driving at me, and I can see pieces of shattered glass falling out of the bottom of the pallet as he's driving at me, pinball fell out, the whole side of the machine was forklift smashed.

    Call my dude in cali, text him photos and said I'm rejecting shipment right here at their yard before we get in a pissing match.

    Supervisor ends up coming down and starts his cant you get a furniture repair guy speech.

    Guy was pretty cool, refunded all my money next day, I don't know if he ever got his machine back or how the insurance played out.

    Ended up driving to Ohio and found a guy with an arcade of new stuff that's all for sale and bought a brand new one. Paid him and he has all the special carts and shit, comes to the house and levels it and whatnot.

    Shoulda done that first
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  16. iomfan

    iomfan Well-Known Member

    Glad they worked out.
  17. Jed

    Jed mellifluous

    A jeweler shipped a custom engagement ring to me via super duper ultra sekure signature only FedEx.

    The driver forged the signature and left it in the middle of the front sidewalk.
  18. E-Van

    E-Van Active Member

    FedEx is the absolute worst. I’ve had good luck calling the 800 number and opening a claim though as apparently there is a GPS scan when they deliver items that they can see on their end to find missing items.

    Googling also found me the number to the local office and they are sometimes helpful. One time a manager even drove me my stuff when the satellite photos of my house taped to the package still couldn’t get the driver to actually deliver it.
  19. rd49

    rd49 Well-Known Member

    So, it really was not a FedEx problem then?
  20. iomfan

    iomfan Well-Known Member


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