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Divorce help - God Damn Epidemic

Discussion in 'General' started by zx6rfool, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. A. Barrister

    A. Barrister Well-Known Member

    South Park answered the question not being spoken...
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  2. IrocRob

    IrocRob Well-Known Member

    One way or another, everybody pays......
  3. Hyperdyne

    Hyperdyne Indy United SBK


    For those that have had kids go through college, how does financial aid work? I'm assuming the university wants the financial info of both parents to make a decision? Or is it just the income of the custodial parent? How does that work?
  4. Montoya

    Montoya Well-Known Member


    Keep in mind though that while FASFA is used for Federal financial aid packages, it is often also used as the basis for institutional financial aid packages. Most institutions and even many grants attempt to leverage their funding by requiring a FASFA application be completed prior to consideration.
  5. Hyperdyne

    Hyperdyne Indy United SBK

    That's helpful. Thanks!
  6. auminer

    auminer Renaissance Redneck

    Search function, y'all... o_O
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  7. Dan Dubeau

    Dan Dubeau Well-Known Member

    HIM "honey do you know where the divorce thread went?"

    HER "I swear to god, did you even LOOK for it before you asked me?"

    HIM " Ya, I looked everywhere, it's not there"
  8. auminer

    auminer Renaissance Redneck

  9. auminer

    auminer Renaissance Redneck

    Bump, eh.

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  10. Dan Dubeau

    Dan Dubeau Well-Known Member

    Stevie Wonder saw that coming. I have no further comments......
  11. Dan Dubeau

    Dan Dubeau Well-Known Member

    She played it perfect though. Hang on long enough so that his net worth magically and drastically increases, and THEN leave him. Power move.
  12. Dave K

    Dave K DaveK über alles!

    Well, I guess I’m not one to post on this thread.

    19 years married, together for 26. :D
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  13. britx303

    britx303 Oh long Johnson!

    Splitting without lawyers…….possible? If 2 agree on who gets what, do lawyers really need to be involved……..or at least just have one lawyer serve as the mutual “paperwork” guy?
  14. Spooner

    Spooner Well-Known Member

    That’s exactly how I did it. We had one lawyer draft it all up and handle the court stuff. Cost me maybe $1500 total.
  15. Rdrace42

    Rdrace42 Almost Cheddar

    That's the way we tried to do it at first. Got to court, and the judge wouldn't hear the case, as she felt my Ex's rights weren't being fully represented. We had already agreed to the financial side of it, so didn't understand why it was a problem. Well, my Ex apparently rolled her eyes at the judge, which nearly got her put in jail for contempt of court. We had to file financials 3 times before they would even hear the case, and each time they kept saying they wanted us to have attorneys. We ended up sharing one, and that's the only way we got it put through. We finally go to court, and what should have been 10 minutes max, turned into a half hour of the judge advising my Ex to get her own attorney, as should would be able to secure a much more 'beneficial' settlement if she did. What a racket.
  16. pickled egg

    pickled egg Rocky Mountain. Hi.

    Splitting without lawyers is easy. One of you hit the bricks.

    Dissolving the marriage is a little tricker. A lot trickier with assets and children.

    My recommendation is a nice, intimate visit to a remote, isolated pig farm.
  17. Spooner

    Spooner Well-Known Member

    The #1 advice I always give is to be overly nice and calm to the ex leading up to the divorce. While you likely want to blow them out and tell them exactly what you think about them that will only cost the guy more money.
  18. Rdrace42

    Rdrace42 Almost Cheddar

    Which is how we arrived at a reasonable financial agreement. The problem was, because it was fair for both of us, the court didn't like it. That's not me being bitter about the divorce, but about the system.
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  19. Spooner

    Spooner Well-Known Member

    Oh I agree 100%, my comment was just in general-not directed toward you. That was part of what my lawyer did was make sure it all looked likely to get accepted. But the judge can be a real douche for sure.
  20. Rdrace42

    Rdrace42 Almost Cheddar

    Once we got an attorney to advocate for both of us, he instructed us on how to 'adjust' the financial statement so the court would accept it. What really burns me up, is the amount of effort the judge put in, trying to sway her decision on whether to move forward with the settlement. Where the F do these people get off? They literally act like they're god.

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