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Did you see The Ben's tire warmers?

Discussion in 'General' started by Steeltoe, May 20, 2009.

  1. metricdevilmoto

    metricdevilmoto Just forking around

    I see your point. Spies really hasn't done anything to warrant fans or accolades of any kind.

    By the way, this pudding is delicious.
  2. 88/532

    88/532 Simply Antagonistical

    Ben is the coolest cat going right now...he is the Mac Daddy yo.

    The flag thing is cool too, because the flag/colors are displayed in a positive manner. And not like this...


    Damned hippies. :)
  3. Gerloff310

    Gerloff310 G-man

    From my experience, people that have served view the flag in much higher regard than civilians. They have seen fellow soldiers die to protect what it stands for. They treat it with kid gloves. No big deal to show high respect for the flag in any way shape or form that it comes. I think the warmers are cool too. Go Spies!!!
  4. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    Gotta disagree with the wannabe funnyman.
  5. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    And seriously - did I change the video posting rule to allow them in any thread?
  6. Jefe

    Jefe Wannabe

    Whoops, it's been a bit since I've been around, guess I should read the rules before posting next time. My bad.
  7. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    No worries, I'll nuke it later but figure it'll look like it's just because I disagree with him if I do it right now :)
  8. Jefe

    Jefe Wannabe

    Too late, it self destructed. :D
  9. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

  10. 418

    418 Expert #59

    It's funny this came up.

    Last year I went home. The absence of Polish flags on houses, clothing, etc. or basic pride in the heritage was weird. I was told that the flag is for honorary and official use, not as a article of some sort of affection or enthusiasm towards your country. It was essentially viewed as disrespectful. Though it was a bit odd I can see the point, some people over here do it with absolutely no taste and it comes off corny as hell.

    Saying that, I did find a store selling soccer memorabilia/merchandise and managed to pick up a cool Polska beanie that I rocked everywhere for the rest of my visit. People would give me some weird looks though.

    So in review, having any clothing/hats etc. representing the Polish flag is deemed having lack of respect for your country, but apparently if you want to represent it while drunk out of your fucking mind at a international soccer match...it's okay.

    Makes perfect sense. :D
    Last edited: May 21, 2009
  11. Cam Morehead

    Cam Morehead Husband, Dad, Racer

    You nailed it Mark, it becomes a personal thing when your family gives so much. One of my family members had to put guys from "Black Hawk Down" in body bags. I never served due to multiple knee injuries in high school...... I thought my best friend was going to punch a guy right in the face this weekend at the races, the guy rolled the flag up and threw it under a table because "it was about to pore down rain"........ Chris went and picked the flag up very gently and placed it on the table. The guy said "What's the big deal?" I said to him "You may want to shut up......" Chris is a current deputy and an ex Army MP. Sorry to keep this going. I think Ben is trying to do a good thing. Cam
  12. Dave K

    Dave K DaveK ├╝ber alles!

    Christ, I'd rather see the flag as a diaper than listen to anymore of this shit. It's a fucking set of tire warmers, not Pilot nailing Christ to the cross with a DeWalt.

    Well I served. . . serve me up a ham sandwich, you're boring the fuck out of me.
  13. AM # 726

    AM # 726 Well-Known Member

    Stars and Stripes...

    I dont see anything wrong with some RWB colors going on things. Here is out 1st version of the Old Glory Buell. Its not a real flag...so no harm done. :) Its just close enough to get the point.

    Trust me...I dont want it to touch the ground either :Poke:

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  14. Mblashfield

    Mblashfield Well-Known Member

    Put Ben's tire heaters on this sumbitch........

  15. derby369

    derby369 Well-Known Member

    i've been waitin' for that to show up. :D
  16. eggfooyoung

    eggfooyoung You no eat more!

    This has turned into the horrible...ist <--------:D thread ever.
  17. nycstripes

    nycstripes Meatball's Dad

    Well said.:up:
  18. GixxerBlade

    GixxerBlade Oh geez

    If you want to get technical about the flag on Ben's bike it probably violates one of the Flag codes but awww who cares it's badass and makes me proud to be an American. :beer:
  19. John S.

    John S. New Member

    +1 me too. This whole thing is just about making me want to puke.
  20. Steeltoe

    Steeltoe What's my move?

    To make matters worse I heard his team rolled em up stripes first instead of stars first.

    :moon: Never before seen such a bunch of hissy fittin menfolk in my entire life.

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