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Any watch lovers here????

Discussion in 'General' started by vizsladog, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. ChemGuy

    ChemGuy Harden The F%@# Up!

  2. Jedb

    Jedb Professional Novice :-)

    The below were from my recent trip to London at the Museum of Science, where the Horology museum is located.
    Love the blue/red and the compass/watch. George Daniels has an amazing design sense and engineering sense.
    Only a 25 ft exhibit, but chock full of good stuff.

    IMG_7926.jpg IMG_7940.jpg IMG_7931.jpg IMG_7935.jpg IMG_7938.jpg IMG_7942.jpg IMG_7947.jpg IMG_7946.jpg
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  3. Jedb

    Jedb Professional Novice :-)

    I also swung by the Swatch Boutique and was not lucky.
    They had sold out of their allotment.
  4. Dave K

    Dave K DaveK über alles!

    Picked up something pretty cool but that led to a lead on one of my grail watches.

    I thought I was done and going to sell off everything and become an iwatchclown. :crackup:
  5. ChemGuy

    ChemGuy Harden The F%@# Up!

    An original Grimace happy meal LCD watch? Spill the beans....I bet its a PAM00000057392763426
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  6. Jedb

    Jedb Professional Novice :-)

    Pix or it didn't happen.
    Anxious to see whatever it is.
  7. Dave K

    Dave K DaveK über alles!

    When it comes back I’ll shoot some photos.
    its a completely trashed late 90s IWC porsche.
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  8. Phl218

    Phl218 Lemme ask my wife

    mission to URanus. i guess that'll be toe one to go first
  9. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    What is retail on those?
  10. ChemGuy

    ChemGuy Harden The F%@# Up!

    The Moonswatch??? It’s ~$260
  11. Saiyan66

    Saiyan66 Stand your ground

    Anybody have any experience with the Garmin Fenix 7 series? Looking to possibly pick one up after having not worn a watch for 30 years. I would be using it more for the GPS functions than the smartwatch stuff. Thoughts?
  12. KCFirebolt

    KCFirebolt Large man. Little bike.

    I have had multiple Garmins over the years. Currently have the Descent G1 diver's watch. Never had an Apple Watch for comparison, but I've liked every Garmin I've had. Very competent at what it's asked to do. Hell, I've used my "dive watch" more for golf than for diving. It's not a great golf watch, but it's fine for me. So, I think Garmins are very good, and I like them a lot. But I've never loved a single one. Good tool. But not something I love. I think the newest Fenix has a super OLED display. I think that would be a big step forward, but I haven't seen one in the wild.
  13. alan

    alan Well-Known Member

    I have a Garmin Fenix 6 for the last couple years. Its been a good watch. Mainly used for MTB and snowboarding. It has way more capability than I care to use. The 7 has a longer battery life which is nice.
  14. Sprinky

    Sprinky Well-Known Member

    My daily wear is a Fenix 6 Pro Solar. I specifically bought it because it linked up with my Garmin GPS dog collars for bird hunting. I’ve never worn any other smartwatch besides another Garmin Forerunner so I don’t have anything to compare it to. I DO like that it’s basically just notifications and can’t type on it etc. it keeps pretty good track of heart rate etc. I rarely use the mapping function on it since the dog’s handheld unit is better, but it seemed to be pretty good when I tested it out. Battery life is pretty good. I plug it in once a week. There’s extended battery saver mode that extends out to 30-40 days but shuts off a lot of the functions. I probably won’t go for the solar next time unless it’s not a very large premium. I just don’t get enough out of it to justify the added expense. I’ll probably upgrade in another year and I will for sure be looking at their new display. The current one is meh at best.
  15. Spooner

    Spooner Well-Known Member

    I have the 7 and its been great. I only use it for mountain biking/dirt biking and around the house/working on stuff but its been fantastic. I had an Apple Watch and while it was a little more 'slick' the battery life was a joke and I didn't care about all the crap it did. I run strava a lot and you still get texts and other notifications on the watch if you want. The battery lasts literally forever and I've gotten it super dirty and banged it around a lot and still looks and works great. The GPS is far more accurate than Apple Watch too.
  16. Saiyan66

    Saiyan66 Stand your ground

    Thanks for the feedback guys. That's what I wanted to hear.
  17. Razr

    Razr Well-Known Member

    In the past 2 years I've had every heart test one can have to diagnose a bad case of Bradycardia (low pulse) I would see heart rate numbers in the upper 30s at night when everything is quiet. I could be at a gas station waiting on the pump, check my pulse and it's 40. My cardiologist said he was on the fence whether I needed a pacemaker or not. He said a slow heart rate is good, but not too low. I never had the lightheaded feelings while I was being tested. I was feeling bad one evening a few months ago and I grabbed my wife's Apple Watch and did an EKG. I saw him about 6 weeks ago and he said the same thing, low heart rate, not too bad, let's wait a few years and see what happens. I asked him to look at that Apple EKG, and instantly he said..."is this you?" yes, "we need to fix this asap." He showed me where my heart would go for 3.5 seconds without a beat. The lower graph looked like a roller coaster. I had a pacemaker installed one month ago...I feel great. It only kicks one when my rate drops below 60. He said those Apple EKGs are as good as their EKG machine's. :clap::flag::timeforabeer::bow::blart:
  18. MGM

    MGM Well-Known Member

    I bought a Sangin Overlord from way back in this thread. Wore it once and put it in the drawer. Can’t put my finger on why I don’t like it.. best way to move it? List it here?
  19. ChemGuy

    ChemGuy Harden The F%@# Up!

    Probably someplace like Watchuseek forum.
  20. sanee

    sanee Well-Known Member

    i was in malaysia a month ago and tried to score a moonwatch but no luck. Tried showing up and calling. Ugh

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