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any TV coverage set for the Daytona 200?

Discussion in 'General' started by gpracer15, Feb 15, 2018.

  1. notbostrom

    notbostrom DaveK broke the interwebs

    yeah but you get a crap ton extra track time for that $50 and your name in the annals of history
  2. :stupid:

    I would love for Eslick to be back in the 600 class, and on an R6. That class could really use some help.
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  3. gpracer15

    gpracer15 Built to Ride

    still dont see it on Fans Choice, am I missing it somewhere?
  4. notbostrom

    notbostrom DaveK broke the interwebs

    Dude get over it. Just sign on on Saturday and watch the race
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  5. gpracer15

    gpracer15 Built to Ride

    i plan to....
  6. TLR67

    TLR67 Well-Known Member

    Its on there now..... Watch the Main Screen.... Shows Flat Track Thurs and 200 Sat...
  7. Gino230

    Gino230 Well-Known Member

    Ben your name is already in the Anal areas of history.
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  8. Gino230

    Gino230 Well-Known Member

    On another note, I watched the supercross Saturday. Man, do they have that figured out. I wish road racing could get that kind of coverage. I think the key is fireworks at the finish line. We need shit blowing off when we cross the line. (aside from the oil smoke from the Italian bikes)
  9. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    It would work great if we could fit an entire roadrace into the same space. We've done the fireworks and confetti cannons, doesn't really help but it is cool :D
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  10. Gino230

    Gino230 Well-Known Member

    Who else is racing this year from our little gang? Or is it just me and
    I never thought of that- they can probably cover the entire super cross with 4 cameras. You would need 15 to cover a track like Barber.
  11. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    Yep, that's always been a huge issue for TV coverage. But I was thinking more the fans at the event, much much easier to attract people when they can sit in one spot within a couple hundred feet at all times of a bathroom, food and beer.
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  12. renegade17

    renegade17 Well-Known Member

    Notice how many kawasakis there are? Engine parts are going to be on back order pretty quick.
  13. tawzx12r

    tawzx12r Influencer to none

    Not sure I'm in your little gang Gino... But I'll be on the grid with you... and I'm on one of those Kawi's....

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  14. TurboBlew

    TurboBlew Registers Abusers

    that places rivals the 500 in terms of capacity for the supercross! :D
  15. Mot Okstef

    Mot Okstef Scrolling all day long on RRW.com

    What type of bike are you racing Gino? I'll make sure to send positive vibes your way and cheer you on while I'm watching the race this weekend. :cool:
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  16. stopthat

    stopthat Active Member

    I'm in Orlando for work with Friday afternoon open. I looked quickly on DIS's webpage and couldn't find out what it costs if I was to just go on Friday afternoon to watch qualifying and walk the midway. Anyone know?
  17. Pretty sure he is on an R6.....like the other 167 riders on the grid. :D
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  18. Gino230

    Gino230 Well-Known Member

    Yes, I'm on an R6...and thanks! Feeling very pumped about the race this year.

    The Who isRacing From Our Little Gang was actually a partial post that I didn't finish. I meant to imply BBS'ers. Since I don't know who many of the screen names correlate to.

    I know @cajun636, @tawzx12r, and?
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  19. pfhenry

    pfhenry Well-Known Member

    Wild Wild West up in that mix!
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  20. TLR67

    TLR67 Well-Known Member

    Gonna be a great Race..... Looks like the Horizon Award Winner is entered too!! Go Joe!

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