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Another car thread. Wanting a sports car. Which one?

Discussion in 'General' started by assjuice cyrus, May 26, 2022.

  1. Venom51

    Venom51 John Deere Equipment Expert - Not really

    Bope...but the wheels are shaped like flower petals.

    That's not it though Chris...
  2. Here ya go. :D

    We had to get some lunch.

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  3. Tristan

    Tristan Well-Known Member

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  4. HPPT

    HPPT !!!

    So, no more food from places with white lines on the parking lot for the next couple of years?
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  5. DucatiBomber

    DucatiBomber DJ Double A

    @Gorilla George congrats!
    I actually love dem calipers!
    Tastefully done bro .
    Very nice. Enjoy.
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  6. DucatiBomber

    DucatiBomber DJ Double A

    Damn I actually laughed out loud reading that .
    You just made him crazy (crazier) for the next couple of years.
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  7. BigBird

    BigBird blah


    Also, how do you park amongst the plebs? I would park in the furthest corner. I'm having anxiety from that pic. I give much respect to those that have 6 figure cars parked in narrow spots at the mall. I park my $hitbox far away. Door dings suck and people pulling into your bumper.
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  8. Godamnit. Now that’s a thing.
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  9. It definitely wasn’t. Jerry said “In 4 days it will be 11 months since we placed the order. I really appreciate your patience”.
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  10. Thanks AA.

    I agree. At first I was unsure, but the beeb told me to leave them yellow. And now I am glad I did. They pop against the black. I like them.
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  11. Saiyan66

    Saiyan66 Stand your ground

    Congrats man, looks like an awesome machine! Hopefully worth the wait.
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  12. BigBird

    BigBird blah

    Do you know who Broome is? :crackup:
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  13. upload_2022-12-2_14-41-45.jpeg
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  14. Already had the first fuck up.

    I was sitting at a red light and felt shit getting taller and I looked down at it said “OFF-ROAD MODE SELECTED”.

    I was like “WTF?”

    And the wife was like “Oh sorry, I wanted to see what that button did”.


    I was like “This car has a lot of different shit on it, you can’t just go pushing random buttons”.
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  15. BigBird

    BigBird blah

    Pot meet kettle
  16. True :crackup:
  17. Jed

    Jed mellifluous

    Gray looks soo much better.

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  18. Sabre699

    Sabre699 Wait...hold my beer.

    Ball bag twister. :crackup:
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  19. pickled egg

    pickled egg Works with puppies, too

    Back before you acknowledge history, there was a movie called “Cannonball Run”. You gave me flashbacks to that.
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  20. They are some monsters. 17.4” front and 16” rear. Needless to say I am still getting adjusted to them. I bet this bitch could stand on it’s nose if I needed to.

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