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Another car thread. Wanting a sports car. Which one?

Discussion in 'General' started by assjuice cyrus, May 26, 2022.

  1. :crackup:

    That’s so fucked up :crackup:

    But you better hurry. It’s there now. They are unloading it off the truck at this moment. :D
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  2. Does the window stuff have a tint to it? Or is that the stuff that isn’t tinted, but blocks most of the UV rays?
  3. Yzasserina

    Yzasserina sound it out

    You’re not there supervising?!?!
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  4. DucatiBomber

    DucatiBomber DJ Double A

    Chris if the paint protection is over an entire area and they use a high quality product you wont be able to see it and it’s worth it .
    It can prevent a decent amount of damage even hard scrapes from say another vehicle.
    Guys I know are wrapping cars like gt40’s and $500,000 + Roll Royce, etc .
    You won’t be disappointed.

    Also see if you can find someone to treat the tires with the permanent tire coatings they have now. It’s a got damn game changer if you have ocd . It looks as shiny as just applied ArmorAll or tire dressing but it’s completely dry and non-greasy . So dirt and debris doesn’t stick to it.
    It’s not hard to do yourself especially if the vehicle is new because the key step is cleaning with the special cleaner they send you .
    You have to absolutely remove all of the old tire dressing, dirt etc or the new coating won’t stick.
    You can even bump into your tires and nothing gets on your clothes like the silicone/armor type stuff does.
    I did both of my vehicles and it’s crazy when car people see it and touch it and realize it’s not sticky but completely dry .
    It lasts about 6 months to a year depending on how much you drive your vehicles.
    You getting windows tinted while it sits there as well I would assume? If so get the ceramic coating which prevents heat and us rays. More expensive than regular tint but f*ck it . Lol

    This is the coating I used but there are other brands of course .

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  5. Sabre699

    Sabre699 Wait...hold my beer.

    Had to catch my breath from laughing so hard asshole!! You're gonna make it. :crackup:
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  6. MV Rider

    MV Rider Well-Known Member

    Does not have a tint as it is applied as a clear liquid but Ceramic Pro makes a tinted film which can be applied to the inside of the window.
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  7. BigBird

    BigBird blah

    The rest of the vehicle should be tinted, but usually the front windows are clear, but the UV protection is built into the glass. I second that ceramic tint is nice and has a lot of heat rejection, even without a tint color
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  8. fastfreddie

    fastfreddie Midnight Oil Garage

    Just get ya a K5™ coating. Never worry about a_n_y_t_h_i_n_g. ;)
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  9. :crackup:

    He texted me that when I was in the gym.

    But now that it’s here, I don’t know if I wanna see it or not. I’m not ready. I need some time to mentally prepare. I’m too nervous. :eek::eek:
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  10. pickled egg

    pickled egg Works with puppies, too

    You know that means some motherfucker is driving your brand new car.

    Prolly has dirty fingernails, too.
  11. Thanks AA. I had never heard of that tire coating before. That shit sounds like a game changer.
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  12. Venom51

    Venom51 John Deere Equipment Expert - Not really

    Pluses and minuses to each. The beetle is completely wrapped. That's about a $5500 endeavor. While it does protect the paint once the film is damaged you either have to live with it or pay to have a section removed and replaced. Removal labor can get pricey as you can expect it doesn't just fall off of the car. Ceramics can't protect the paint as well but are easier to put on and remove. The coating itself isn't expensive it is the labor in the paint correction before the coating happens. That can also be true with a film wrap.

    Film is not permanent and will need to come off in 5 to 8 years and be replaced. Again $5500+ as now they have to remove it before reapplying. Since Chris isn't going to keep it more than a couple years...I would wrap it as that offers the best protection for something that will be resold or traded down the road. If I was keeping it for a couple decades I might opt for just ceramics and good maintenance as after 60k miles the truck doesn't look any worse than the fully wrapped beetle.
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2022
  13. fastfreddie

    fastfreddie Midnight Oil Garage

    Geebus, dude, she's yours. Go rip her panties off and jam yourself in there, FFS.
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  14. Venom51

    Venom51 John Deere Equipment Expert - Not really

    FYI...never put paint protection film on anything that has been repainted unless you never plan to take it off.
  15. I asked about that, but they have to drive it as part of the PDI. Until they service it, it is stuck in “Limp Mode”.

    But I did ask if the Ceramic Coating dude can bring his stuff to the dealership, rather than them driving it across town. :D
  16. Haha I wish. They can’t release it till they Burmeister amp shows up. It’s classified as “stop sale” until then.
  17. Good call on the tint. I just texted Jerry told him what I wanted. He is gonna have the windows tinted also.
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  18. Razr

    Razr Well-Known Member

    I hope the test driver doesn't fart too many times on your seat.
  19. Venom51

    Venom51 John Deere Equipment Expert - Not really

    Someone is going to wipe a booger under the seat while they are driving it.
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  20. fastfreddie

    fastfreddie Midnight Oil Garage

    Tell 'em you just wanna smell it. :eek:


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