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2024 Kawasaki ZX6R being announced on 6/6/23

Discussion in 'General' started by Trainwreck, May 24, 2023.

  1. Trainwreck

    Trainwreck I could give a heck

    I'm sure a few of you have seen the teaser vids. Cycle World and other outlets are reporting that it will likely have less HP in stock trim than before. Maybe they'll take another stab at the styling and make it closer to the 10R? (I actually like the Gen6 10R looks)

    I would like the following:
    1. Ride by wire (I'm pretty sure this will be a requirement in MotoA for 24+ anyway) But it would seem to actually help them with emissions stuff no?
    2. q/s and auto-blip from factory
    3. An ECU that can still be cracked (highly unlikely if the above stuff is a yes)
    4. A KIT ECU if #3 can't be done.
    5. KIT parts in general.
    6. Upgraded dash.
    7. A "race use only" version would be really cool..

    I think if they nail a number of those "wants" I will walk right into a dealer and pre-order one as soon as I can. I love my Gen5 ZX10R. However, I always had a really good time on the 09-12 ZX6R's i had.. They're really fun to race, don't obliterate tires as easily if you get the setup slightly wrong..

    Also, call me a wuss if you want doesn't matter to me, and ill still keep doing it in the mean time... BUUUTTTT.... I got no business doing 165-170mph+ down the straight at Grattan.

    Anyway, what do you guys think? Are they gunna make some impactful changes, or basically just keep letting this chassis/engine print money until the 600cc bikes die for good?
  2. BigBird

    BigBird blah

    Not a wuss...at some point in our lives, the risk/reward ratio changes....BUT until it arrives, keep doing what you doing.

    I love me some Team Green, but yeah, I don't see them making any big changes since the class is more for dinosaurs these days.
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  3. prm

    prm Well-Known Member

    If they do what you listed I’d find that a compelling choice. I am now spoiled with QS/AB, so bikes that either come with or easily incorporate are more appealing. I too do not feel the need to go faster than my R6 did or now 890 Duke. 150 is plenty.
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  4. ClemsonsR6

    ClemsonsR6 Well-Known Member

    Wait for it...................

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  5. rafa

    rafa Well-Known Member

    I hope they dont go zx10 styling, fugly IMO

    If I had to guess, it will remain mostly the same, but with ride by wire and improved electronics.
    Which I am all for. Its great for me with my 09 having a lot of parts still fit my bike.
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  6. Trainwreck

    Trainwreck I could give a heck

    I really miss my 09's they were so fun. Handled crashes like an old Toyota and I could run down pretty much any other 600 on the straight. The 09-12 engine is PEAK middleweight Kawi if you ask me. lol
  7. rafa

    rafa Well-Known Member

    In my humble opinion is also the best zx6r.
    The availability of the race ECU and harness is a big plus for me. I do have a built motor as well, still have to come across another 600 that will pull away from it under power.
  8. evakat

    evakat Well-Known Member

    Crazy that Kaw is investing in the 600 market???
    Or they sell it on limited quantities... and price it as such.
    I sew the supersport market slowly doing on the street end... which slowly kills the pro racing end.
    The pricing of the middleweight bikes is getting out of reach of it base market buyer... younger individuals with limited financial play money... if not on the actual cost of the bike... but the insurance cost to cover a expensive toy.
  9. vfrket

    vfrket Lost Member

    It'll have a steel frame like the 4RR....
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  10. Greenhound386

    Greenhound386 Well-Known Member

    Very curious to see what they come out with. I had an '09 and an '11 that I raced for a while, and then I bought a leftover '18 at a discount when they released the '19s and the changes weren't significant.

    My next bike has to be a liter bike - it's the only class I haven't raced - but I have a feeling that will be a short-lived experiment before I return to a middleweight machine. Would be fun to come back to a new generation ZX-6R.
  11. brex

    brex Well-Known Member

    Liter bike?
    Surely you mean leader bike.
  12. Greenhound386

    Greenhound386 Well-Known Member

    Tomato tomato.
  13. Razr

    Razr Well-Known Member

    A leaderbike has a higher red limiter.
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  14. Senna

    Senna Well-Known Member

    The racing scene will eventually pivot to production-based track only models imo.
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  15. SpeedWerks Racing

    SpeedWerks Racing Well-Known Member

    Sarcastically quite possible,,, Prob have similar 4RR's gadgets dash etc.
  16. Greenhound386

    Greenhound386 Well-Known Member

    What's the over / under on them effing around again and bumping the ccs up? They're obviously notorious for it; would be simultaneously funny and interesting to see how it would pan out against the new rules.
  17. prm

    prm Well-Known Member

    Well, if a 750cc I4 can be raced in Modern SS, why not bump it up. Cheapest way to get to the benchmark performance level.
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  18. younglion

    younglion Well-Known Member

    It'll remain a 636 - less 500 rpm and 3 peak hp thanks to Euro 5.
  19. vfrket

    vfrket Lost Member

    At least there staying in the game unlike others, cough Suzuki cough...

    Watch Suzuki show up with a 500cc triple that runs on bio fuel that also has an electric motor recharged through regen braking and smoke everyone...
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  20. Steeltoe

    Steeltoe What's my move?

    It was getting close enough to GSX-R 750 numbers to be interesting. Going backwards in power is less interesting.

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