ZX6R and ZX10R Bodywork

Discussion in 'Parts for Sale' started by rafa, Jun 10, 2018.

  1. rafa

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    Cleaning out the basement. Would really like to sell them locally, we all know how expensive shipping is.
    Located in Chicago-ish

    2009+ ZX6R Hotbodies fairings. Came on the bike I purchased they are crashed but previous owner was racing on them. @$250

    2011+ ZX10R Godfather racing fairings. Lowsided in the rain with them, some of the mounting points will need to be repaired. $250
    27459583_10213797695769276_2015002809816634395_n.jpg 27867862_10213797695809277_6072753182472196785_n.jpg 27752057_10213797758570846_5713272895896650500_n.jpg 27540311_10213797758610847_7236837823411325924_n.jpg 27459341_10213797759090859_8266022774371390430_n.jpg 27459072_10213797759130860_3627787006476210649_n.jpg
  2. rafa

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    Check your inbox
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    PMs replied.
  5. rafa

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    Monday morning bump
  6. rafa

    rafa Well-Known Member

    ZX10R bodywork sold.
    Someone make an offer on the zx6 set. I can bring to Blackhawk Farms this weekend or Road America the weekend after.
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  7. rafa

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    To the top. Shipping of the bodywork is around 85 bucks from Chicago to Florida FYI

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