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    I clearly don't know how this all works, but why are Pro's allowed to compete in an Amateur race?
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    They aren’t.
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    The riders are amateurs, it's the team and equipment that are pros. But when you reach "He's gonna be the next superstar!" level, you have backing that 90% of the actual pros would kill to have just a fraction of.
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    does that include a PR team to handle all the social medias & communications?? Asking for a friend with an OnlyFans subscription
  5. I’m still baffled by the dealership giving the kid 5 bikes to use. Not a bad sponsor to have had for an amateur.
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    Give or leant for a year?
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    What is this "OnlyFans" that you speak of?
  8. Leant. “5 bikes to use” and they’ve since asked for them all back.
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    Ya we used to lend KTMs when I worked for a dealership to sponsored local riders. That made more sense. That being said, I pray Yamaha does yank their franchise because it’s BS they’re taking their bikes back. I hope they lose a lot of business for that.
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    Its um a video subscription media preferred by hungry hetero males to view nekkid women without having to step foot in a brick & mortar strip joint.
    OnlyFans is supposed to be a direct to fans artist content sharing medium.
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    sounds like a bunch of BS from all parties except the Canadian kid who put in the claiming rule. where do I send him $5 for his program
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    Any legs get broken?
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  14. They aren’t. It’s kind of the equivalent of back in the day when Herrin, Aquino, etc had Graves bikes running WERA before they turned pro. This differs because Deegan has a longer term contract with Yamaha and honestly I have no idea what the deal with Graves was I’m just talking about equipment. I never saw anything wrong with that or the fact Deegan make smart moves to get his kid on the best equipment to give him the best shot in his career. This claiming bs is a whole different story. Nothing wrong with getting kids on the best program (bikes, mechanics, crew chief, trainer, etc) that you can to set them up for success. Deegan built his kid into a brand and worked his ass off to get that done. Bottom line is they got a bit eager thinking post Loretta’s and got caught with their pants down. Instead of pulling their pants up the whole Deegan camp (and ones who have a vested interest in it) decided just to show their ass and it blew up in their face. This is no different than AMA has back in the day with calming rules in road racing. The factories just assumed no one would dare try to claim their stuff.
    Was interesting to hear Star say the bikes worth $50k though. This was out of his own mouth on a podcast. The point of the rule is to try to avoid cubic dollars taking over but there will always be someone who has deeper pockets in racing. People don’t do claims just because you will get pressure and black balled either directly or indirectly. There is so much behind the scenes politics it’s crazy but when you have money people want it and some times sticking to what you think is right may have effects that limit you in other places. All of these support companies are businesses and they know where their money comes from. Yes it’s sucks but it’s the reality of it.
    Perfect example is this Matt Walker guy, he’s a trainer but certainly knows the game well enough to side with the Deegan camp and turn on a kid he’s worked 3 years with. He has no loyalty except to his wallet and some times that’s necessary to keep food on the table. Having a morale compass can cost a lot of money!
    Before I get flamed I still stand by the fact that what happened was very wrong and f@caked up but it’s what can happen if you poke the bear. The kid should have been fully coached on the potential repercussions of claiming the bike, I’d hope no one told him they’d just hand it over and be happy. There is a reason why people don’t claim shut, it ends up costing you more (potentially). It’s the harsh reality of it and when you are playing with peoples livelihood they tend to do irrational things.
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    That's a lot of words to say that while there is a rule in place to discourage cubic dollars and keep the playing field (somewhat) level, if you dare to try and use it, you will never play in this sandbox again.
  16. I get it and didn’t say I wasn’t all for the rule, the reality is end of the day people with the money and influence usually have some avenue to get what they want. That was my point and you need to understand the backlash that will come with posing off the big guys. I love spec fuel and tire rules, it’s somewhat limiting the cubic dollars (yes I know it does cost some people more but overall it stops the 1 lap wonder tires and whatever high dollar fuel teams were running). The kid was not coached on the potentials of what can happen, especially when you are a Yamaha rider claiming the next little stars bike from the team that runs the factory program. Wether we like it or not it’s the reality of the game at this point. This case seems quite a bit over the top but even if they have up the bike without much backlash at the moment the kid would still have a lot of sponsors that would distance themselves from him.
    Antwan probably didn't expect Marsellus to react like he did, but he had to expect a reaction
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    Don’t be touching another man’s wife’s feet
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    pushed him out the window, he did. ;) Ski
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    Blah...blah..blah...everyone but the kid and the AMA suck donkey balls in this....especially Yamaha...
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    Is that what "they" say?

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