WTB RS125 forks 89-94 standard style

Discussion in '2-Stroke Machines' started by peter leduc, Aug 31, 2010.

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    I'm wanting a standard 1989-1994 (non-inverted) front end for a project 1969 Honda CB160 that I'm building. As a racer, I'm addicted to proper suspension and brakes so I'm using a set of 1985-1988 18" wire wheels with disk brakes and I'm hoping to find a 93/94 front end with triple clamps.

    Forks only would be OK, forks with triple clamps would be great. Clip-ons would be an added bonus but I can make a set of those.

    Thanks guys, let me know what you've got. I've got lots of '95+ RS125 stuff so let me know what you need and we can work out a trade if you're interested

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    dont know if this will help, but i used a set of fzr forks. i sent the tubes off to forking by frank and had them cut them down about 6 inches. had to modify the springs to get them back together as well as triples. now have non inverted forks that are correct length. also i have in the past used a set of cr85 forks and lowered them internally for inverted style. dont know if that will help, but figured id throw it out there.
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    You have a PM.

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