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Discussion in 'Mini Racing' started by JBowen33, Jan 15, 2020.

  1. JBowen33

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    Looking to buy a cheap set of leathers for my son to start riding. He’s 4 and about 44 inches tall. Let me know what you got.

  2. D-Zum

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    I started my son in this suit, and a friend of mine bought it off me for his son, who is now 5.

    Looks like $168 is their price for a small in red. If red is acceptable for your son, then that's about as good as you're going to find new or used I think.

    Alex crashed a few times in this suit, and my friend's son's crashed in it at least twice. You cannot tell.

    RS-Taichi makes some good gloves for the kids.


    At 4, boots are going to be a challenge. Usually some kids MX boots do the trick nicely. That's what I started Alex on. Now he's in A-Star womens
    size 36.

    K&J are really great to deal with, too. I've gotten the suit, a couple sets of tires, and some rims from them (for my son's 110 he's starting on this year).
    Customer service has been excellent. They made a mistake on my son's rims by shipping his rims to another customer that rides a KLX110, and the KLX wheels
    came to me. As soon as they got wind of the error, they quickly and efficiently worked with both me and the other Dad to work to resolve the issue and get us each
    our correct rims.

    Do you have Mitas or other race tires on your son's bike yet? If not, they can hook you up with Mitas tires, too....which are pretty good.
    You'll probably need a chain while you're at it, and those are not very expensive for minis. The road race tires are wider and taller than the off road knobby tires.
    The chain isn't long enough usually to allow the road tires to not rub on the swingarm somewhere. Adjusting the rear wheel back some usually fixes it.

    And in Spec 50 racing, generally the kids are just running in 3rd gear. So you'll want the longer chain to go with some sprocket changes.
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  3. JBowen33

    JBowen33 Only fast on Facebook

    oh we aren’t even at that point yet.

    I have him where he can drive me around on the back with moderate inputs from me. He’s about ready to try riding his CRF50 himself imo but I figured I’d get a cheap set of leathers so when he tanks it, the leathers would be more protective then kids motocross gear at least against scrapes/cuts. Also then I would have a suit already for him so when the weather breaks we can find an empty parking lot. Right now his 50 is stock with knobbies and I fitted a set of cheap hand guards for a big bike to protect his hands.
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    @D-Zum do you have any helmet recommendations for a 5 year old? I would prefer a full face but not sure if anyone makes them in that size. Thanks.
  5. D-Zum

    D-Zum Alex’s Crew Chief

    I would base it on the shape of your kids head and your wallet. Alex has my round noggin so most brands work. I’ve bought him HJC helmets. They have a one up on the kids market with all their Superhero models. Alex has Iron Man and Deadpool. HJC makes a lot of them in their medium/lower end helmets so the kid gets a cool lid that doesn’t break the bank. All my kids helmets are about $200ish for SNELL and DOT certified. The graphics make it more fun for him and he wants to wear it. I never had to fight with him to get him to wear his helmet. I’d take him for a ride for ice cream on my Hypermotard.

    We’d get there and he’s walk in like a 5 year old that knew he was the shit toting his Iron Man lid. Which was just fun to watch.

    STG has a great selection.

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