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  1. 1. They are small, almost unnoticeable (some of them hurt my ears after about 30min, these don’t).
    2. They never pause/cut out, even with the iPod in my pocket and on the motorcycle.
    3. They are very secure. Basketball, working the heavy bag, jumping rope, it doesn’t matter. They never come loose or even shake.
    4. Sound quality is amazing, especially after playing with the equalizer app.
    5. Battery lasts a long time, and the cool carrying case holds several hours of charge in it.

    Some of those individual characteristics apply to other brands also, but the Jabs are the total package.
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  2. Jedb

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    Oddly, the skull candy "XT-Free" ones work pretty well for me.

    I also have a pair of corded ones "Smokin Buds" connected to my computer because they had an angled jack and it kept the cord out of the way.

    And a pair of the INK'D corded ones with adapters in multiple locations for the iphone. (in home office, downstairs, in car)
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    Foam tips for the 65T

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    Something tells me your family and friends that know you don’t try to wing it with xmas gifts.
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    I don’t celebrate Christmas. And not because I’m a Jew (I’m only a little Jewish).

    :D :D :D

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