Why would spectators ever want to stay for an entire weekend?

Discussion in 'Race Reports' started by PhilTheBiker, Aug 2, 2010.

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    lol, drinking from 5pm-2am then getting up at 7:00 hung right over to make the riders meeting. get the warmers on and attempt to eat and rehydrate with a 9am first practice time is what makes the racing more exciting HAHAHA.
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    I wouldn't even justify that dudes comment with an answer. You can leave when you want. bottom line
  4. PhilTheBiker

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    To those that took me seriously, thank you. To those with suggestions on better spots to put a tent up, thank you. You are the few that are good people out of this bunch.

    To everyone else, you are the problem so take a good look at yourself in the mirror. If your mother didn't tell you to show some respect to other people then you were brought up with bad parenting and it's not your fault, but I'm sure you are adult enough to learn how to not be an idiot. To those of you that were brought up with your mother telling you to respect others you still aren't listening and you've disrespected her.

    I understand the want to have fun and party, maybe next time after midnight you can turn it down a bit? Knowing you guys, probably not and you'll continue to be jerks. What goes around comes around.
  5. STT-Rider

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    ALL that for like $15 a day....that's like 80 cents an hour for all that fun. Sean needs to raise prices!!!
  6. parillaguy

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    I race with an organization called R.A.C.E. in Canada. We haven't had 'partying' problems in a few years. The last time we had "racers" keep campers up all night with loud music, yelling riding around, drinking till 5 am, etc. we got their race bike numbers. A few of us complained during the rider's mtg to the RACE Director. The "racers" and their party friends were identified, were asked to leave and the racers had their entries revoked. Lost points and no refunds!

    Next time get their race numbers and get them tossed from racing! No partying "racers" = no partying friends along!

  7. vince69007

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    were you at the saturday campfire at rnd 4? my RV was like 20ft from it. we drank till about 1am, it was nice and quiet. didnt wake my wife or kids once!!
  8. operative

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    Car racing organizations solve this problem by having designated family camping areas where there is no alcohol allowed.

    Then everybody can have the time that they wanted to have without raining on other people's parade. :beer:
  9. Hyperdyne

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    So before you went and talked to security, did you bother to walk over to their pit and ask them to please keep it down? I've been in the paddock since 98 and always worked for me.
  10. Photo_Chick

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    Also, always ask where a "quiet" place to camp is. Most people that go to the track frequently will be able to tell you. For instance, there are certain areas during the AMA at Road Atlanta I stay far away from!
  11. Mongo

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    It always amazes me that people who hate partying seem to gravitate towards turn 10 at Summit and not the 3/4 of the huge paddock where you'll never even hear them. I was camped over towards the woods and didn't have any problems.

    You chose to be in the middle of the most crowded part of the paddock, live with your decision and quit trying to blame everyone else. As for the bitching about spectators, they wouldn't/shouldn't be in the paddock camping out in the first place.

    As for the idea about kicking out partiers, that's just messed up. If they're not hurting anyone why the hell would they deserve to be thrown out?
  12. PhilTheBiker

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    The only reason we camped on the paddock was for a power outlet to run the fan in the tent and the fact that I had no clue people were so disrepectful since I'd never been at the track the night before.

    I do not think people should be kicked out of racing, I just think people need to me a little more respectful after midnight. How does it look for WERA to be allowed to use a race track and then the racers are blowing up trash cans with fireworks? Then there is Drag racing pit bikes which violates chapter 7 rule 19, but apparently it's ok to look over certain rules, heck, most of the pit bikes didn't even have numbers on them as required, but not I'm going way off topic.

    Anyway, I'm done talking about this topic I just ask for a little human decency after midnight, that's all.
  13. MadManx

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    Screw camping. I like hotels.
  14. Mongo

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    The party at Summit continues in T10 and T10 only until well after midnight. The entire rest of the paddock, infield, and outfield camping areas were quiet well before midnight.

    Just curious, did you pay for power?
  15. Hyperdyne

    Hyperdyne WERA 15

    You never did answer my question.. Did you at any point walk over and ask them to be quiet?
  16. PhilTheBiker

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    Yes we used power that was paid for.

    Just curious, how the heck is someone supposed to know were places to put up a tent are who have never been to an event? Just guess? I was with my wife that had been to events before and apparently she didn't remember all the chaos at 1am in the past. It's almost like you are blaming me for camping in the wrong spot. Maybe you should post something in your materials explaining that trying to camp in the paddock is a bad idea.

    I'm also shocked that Summit Point even allows WERA back after the blowing up of private property.

    And why shouldn't spectators be camping? I thought the idea was to draw in the specters into the sport and try to get them hooked? All the materials say you can camp at the track.

    As for walking over and talking to the jerks. Why would I want to bother?
  17. Hyperdyne

    Hyperdyne WERA 15

    Here's the skinny Phil...

    You could have fixed your entire weekend by simply asking two questions.

    1. At the gate, "Ma'am where is the best place to camp."
    2. Hey guys, we are trying to sleep. Could you please keep it down for us?

    Yet, since you chose to be non-inquisitive and stew in your own anger all night long, now you come here and expect everyone to back you. The reality is you chose to camp in the paddock because there was power for your fans (which you didn't pay for but nice tapdance). If you had asked the gate person would have told you that the paddock is noisy just from generators let alone the antics which SP is known for.

    Now, quit being a weenie. WERA is very fun and family oriented. If you want to have a good time at an event, go to another event and repeat question 1 when you pay at the gate. If need be, repeat question 2 if somebody gets rowdy.
  18. JWinters

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    Phil you could of found out all the information you wanted on dcsportbikes.net there are several posts about the Summit Track weekend and tons of racers and cornerworkers on that site to give you the information. Most spectators dont usually camp on the paddock nor do corner workers. Plan and simple we work hard at the track and party hard sometimes. Its not always like that every race weekend sometimes are a bit wilder or calmer than others. Dont judge it all based on a weekend. I have a huge blast every time im at the track regardless of the partying or not and ive not once ran into any rude people there at all. Matter of fact the rude racers you are speaking of last time the cornerworkers ran short of water and gatorade stepped up and cause of what they had... so dont judge all based on some and next time ask them..
  19. jennthebiker

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    i'm the wife of PTB.

    i've been a part of the race track environment for awhile. i've camped at the track for both races and trackdays of various orgs. i've stayed both in the paddock and away from the paddock and do not recall that much commotion in years past.

    phil pit-crewed for an endurance team on saturday while i helped when needed. first time for both of us to see and help with an endurance team. we wanted to stay the night for the sunday races to cheer and help pit crew for some friends. in exchange for the extra hands for the sunday races, a friend saved us a spot in his pit for our tent and let us use his paid power for the night.

    we were near the woods about the middle of the paddock. i say this to point out that we were not IN t10. as much noise as they were making, the neighbors of the track had to have heard the explosives.

    so although we are not brand new to the track atmosphere, we were displeased to the rowdiness of the late night activities.

    we were not JUST spectating. we were very active in helping our friends both saturday and sunday. we will be back in the future. my racing days were short lived and they are over. phil is ready to don a tshirt and make his debut within the next few months.

    the question is raised 'why would spectators ever want to stay for an entire weekend?' there are plenty of good reasons for this but trying to sleep probably isn't one of them. apparently, lesson learned for us.
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    Come to Cycle Jam at VIR this weekend if possible. Totally different atmosphere

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