Which Game controller for PC version of MotoGP II

Discussion in 'General' started by gixserman, Mar 23, 2004.

  1. gixserman

    gixserman Well-Known Member

    I searched for Motogp and controller and only came up with xbox stuff.

    I'm trying to play Motogp II on my laptop .

    Tried using the keys to drive or I have a Wheel controller
    without much luck.. it works but seems to be hard to change direction quickly.

    Anyone here recommend a good game controller for this

  2. SonicDuck

    SonicDuck Flying Feather Duster

    Look around on the net and there are ways to get a xbox controller to work on a regular USB port.

    edit: linky: http://llamma.com/xbox/Mods/xbox_controller_to_pc_usb.htm
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  3. (diet)DrThunder

    (diet)DrThunder Why so serious, son?

    I use a Logitech cordless gamepad (USB). I forget the exact model, but it's the cordless one that looks like a Playstation gamepad. It works great, and has analog or digital controls like a PS2
  4. LMcCurdy

    LMcCurdy Antique

    I used a Gravis Game Pad Pro USB for Superbike 01. Worked great after you finally get the right software. You have to go to their site and download the USB stuff. Don't know if it will work with MotoGP though.
  5. ecumike

    ecumike Relocated Yankee

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  6. gixserman

    gixserman Well-Known Member

    Thanks Gents,
    Ordering one up today.


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