Where do I Find Cheap 250s?

Discussion in 'Information For New Racers' started by Arbitrary, Apr 13, 2020.

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    Long story, short. I want to get into motorcycle track days this year. I have been doing motocross for a good while and auto track days and racing for a few years, so I figure it's time to finally combine the two. Looking to get into it with a low budget with a bike that will probably see 80/20 track/street use.

    Reading through older threads on this forum and a couple others, everyone always was quick to point out how cheap an 08-12 Ninja 250 could be since the demand has drastically dropped for them. For anything that's been even moderately prepped for the track it seems I could spend a few hundred more and get a 300 that's done up or buy a stock 300 and mod it and be at about the same price point. So back to my question, where does one find the deals on a 250?
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    I haven’t seen anyone offer what he does, for comparable money. Plus, he can help you get it set up for your needs and will take good care of you.

    Long-term, a 400 will be a better investment.
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    I agree completely if you can get a prepped 400 for not much more that is the way to go.

    Are you planning to race? I ask because I believe racing a 300-400 is a great way to go.

    I will say if you only plan on doing track days, I would probably get at least an SV650. Trackdays get frustrating on a super slow bike. While racing a 300-400 against other 300-400's is a great training tool and inexpensive way to race, trackdaying them isn't a lot cheaper than trackdaying a SV650, but the SV will be less frustrating at a trackday. You have a little bit more power to get around some of the real slow pokes that park it in the corners. Now at the beginning you will possibly park it in the corners but since you have raced before that will not last for very long.

    have fun
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    100% agree with this. Racing lightweights is awesome but trackdays on large tracks can be frustrating on a low HP bike. If you ride small or mid-size tracks a 400 should be fun and keep up pretty well.
    The lower HP bikes can be scary to ride in open track days on big tracks with long straights, if your bike maxes out at 110mph or so and the bigger bikes are getting up to 140+, push themselves to blow by you and then park it into the next corner. Not such an issue in the Expert group, those riders usually know the little bikes can corner very fast and are less likely to throw themselves at a late pass but the beginner or intermediate groups can be tough.

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