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    Solo 20= Ran during sportsman weekends only, 20 laps at tracks less than 2 miles (typically), 16 laps for tracks 2 miles or more. Win is for cash, amount of cash is determined by number of entrants, how far back they pay is also determined by number of entrants. Grid position is determined by order of registration (1st come, first served, so pre-entry will almost always get you further up on the grid).

    Sprint races on Sunday= typically 10 laps on tracks less than 2 miles, 8 laps on tracks 2 miles or more.
    Grid position is determined by points (for first race of the season its based on points total from previous year), if you dont have points, grid position is based on registration (again, first come/first served, so pre-reg early). Pre reg also gets you a cheaper entry fee, this applies to all races, sportsman regionals or nationals.

    As Whitey mentioned, any of the races can be cut short due to extenuating circumstances (red flags, weather, ect.).

    Definately the best thing to do is to go to a race weekend, meet some of the racers and see how the weekend progresses. I did this when i started 8 years ago, and the information i got that weekend was invaluable.

    Good luck out there, and welcome to the addiction!! :up:
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    Thanks thanks! I've been addicted to racing for quite a while now, but the removal of two wheels has reignited the fire...:up:

    I'll be at Nelson Ledges to watch and then Grattan for my first race, or at least that's the plan.
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    I'll be doing my first race this year too, can't wait. I'll be heading out to VIR here in a couple weeks to do my school and maybe get in a race there. Good luck
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    See you out there. Good choice on the first race Grattan CCW is a blast.
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    to guys whats up with the wera site

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