Well so much for Laguna

Discussion in 'General' started by Ducman851, Sep 9, 2020.

  1. TWF2

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    The way things are let's just hope that place does not burn down by then.
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  3. Johnny B

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    The Super 8 did that to my friends one year. I showed them the website. When they made the reservations, I noticed that the price seemed low for what I paid the previous year. I made my reservations a few weeks later and the price looked more like what they usually charged.
    I checked in and then went to sleep. When I came down to the lobby the next morning, there were a lot of pissed off people there. I caught up to my friends at the track and they told me what happened. Their reservations had been cancelled, but their rooms were available for a higher price. When I told them about all the pissed off people in the lobby, they took it upon themselves to canvas the motel and got the names of everyone that got screwed. Then they called the Attorney General office and filed a complaint. When all was said and done, everybody was charged the original price from their reservation and the parent company got nailed with a six figure fine to be used to train their employees not to do that shit.
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    I remember JU did a piece in RRW about the gouging.
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    Rich car people need a place to play with their toys too
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    The fuckers will probably buy it and turn it into a private motor sports country club, no more of you stupid plebes with your fucking duct taped SV650s spraying oil on their track. No vans or pickups with trailers, if you don’t bring a semi they’ll throw your broke ass out on 68. Gonna turn the camping area into a golf course and make it a motorsports and golf country club.

    Then no more hosting public events, because the hoi polloi smell like Yamalube and farts, and they don’t need the money anyway.
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    Darn. Will we get a refund on the ticket purchases?
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    I clicked the link expecting some terrible news about the fires. Phew!

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