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  1. Yes, there is a major problem with the cost of college tuition and it'll soon outprice its market driven value (if it hasn't already). As little as a decade ago it was actually feasible to work your way through college; however, finding a part time job that pays out 15k annually isn't likely. What's the problem? The fed handing out ridiculously huge loans to anybody who labels themselves a college student. Colleges take advantage of this by jacking up tuition because they know students can and will endure the debt to get a degree. Obama's proposed solution is so far off the mark it's embarrassing. Idiot students can't hack it so he puts the blame on the universities. Rewarding the weak and further perpetuating their false sense of entitlement. FML

  2. In Your Corner

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    Easily available government money has been inflating the cost of a college education for years. This is just one more case of government trying to solve the problem they created in the first place.
  3. Aberk

    Aberk Well-Known Member

    All I see is the watering down of degrees so that they will become useless.
  4. Flex Axlerod

    Flex Axlerod Banned

    How do you water down a degree in Womynz Studies or ancient Sanskrit?
  5. Aberk

    Aberk Well-Known Member

    I'd hate to see the answer to that.
  6. Motofun352

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    And now the media has gotten into it featuring young "adults" with degrees who have to live with M&D because they can't get a job in their chosen field. It isn't until the end of the story that they tell you the individual has a degree in art.....The moral of the story should have been "choose wisely" when deciding on your major. :confused:
  7. mikendzel

    mikendzel Anonymous

    But everyone DESERVES to go to college! We need to make sure our government pays for college because they deserve it! And then they deserve high paying jobs!!!! It's America, all you have to do is try!

  8. pickled egg

    pickled egg Art is subjective

    I would suggest using a bucket of yak urine.
  9. Strick

    Strick Good to be king

    The world needs ditch diggers to.
  10. mikendzel

    mikendzel Anonymous

    Just a little OT rant here:

    I went to Univ of MD. Every Monday night, at midnight, a group about 200 Asian students (not as in race, but students actually from Asia) would gather at the South Entrance off Rt 1, and march through campus to the Admin Building chanting "ASIAN STUDIES NOW!" My questions are:

    #1 - If you wanted to study Asia/Asian things, WHY DID YOU LEAVE ASIA!?!?

    #2 - Are college students really smart/mature enough to pick their own majors? I know a ton of kids who are driven and become doctors, business people, engineers, etc. However, I know just as many that study pointless drivel. Hell, I was an English major!!! What was I thinking?
  11. TurboBlew

    TurboBlew Registers Abusers

    whats embarassing is the low brow Concorde Career type schools that use car sales/ego wall tactics to try to close folks.
    An employee with more money than sense at the moment... was shocked when I showed him how much cheaper a State University was versus one of those for profit deals. ($27k versus $8k w/ books)
  12. Jim Moore

    Jim Moore Well-Known Member

    This. College used to be a bit of a Spartan existence. Dorm room, small bed, desk, stereo, TV if you were lucky. My nephew is going to UNF. His dorm complex had a swimming pool with a lazy river. Not just a pool at his dorm, but a pool with a lazy fucking river running through it. Are you fucking kidding me?
  13. pickled egg

    pickled egg Art is subjective

    Well hold the phone a minute.

    Somebody has to put that pool and lazy river in. That's job growth, which adds to our GDP and reduces the rolls of the unemployed. Then there's the cleaning crew that has to keep the pool and lazy river clean, chlorinated, and safe for human activities. That's no small task. There's chemicals, there's chemical companies, there's hazardous waste disposal, that's no small feat to accomplish. Think of all the people who wouldn't have jobs if that pool and lazy river weren't there.

    Lastly, who can expect a precious snowflake to learn to put his nose to the grindstone, burn the midnight oil and have a drive to succeed if he can't take a break and contemplate life as the stream of chemically treated water trickles by, clearing his thoughts and his sinuses.

    You short sighted sunuvabitch! :mad:
  14. Funkm05

    Funkm05 Dork

    This is actually a good point. I can't help but think of just how much chemical usage there must be to keep a college dorm pool "clean". :Puke:
  15. SGVRider

    SGVRider Well-Known Member

    #2 is the best point. I managed to finish my degree in finance, but if I'd been more mature I would have been a much better student, and maybe double majored in a technical or scientific field. My field pretty much picked me. I said "What's the most useful degree I can get in the least amount of time so I can get the fuck out of here?" By luck, I just happened to have an excellent propensity for it.

    I always wonder about people who get degrees in shit like English. I ask them "What are you going to do with that?" They usually say something like "teach". I have way more respect for an English major than anyone who majors in something ending in "studies", though. At least English is a real subject with academic rigor and challenge, even if it's not going to help you find work directly. It's still of some value to an employer.

    The "studies" majors are just political indoctrination that you pay for. What in God's name is a Chicano Studies major going to do? Teach others about Chicano Studies?

    College is completely oversold. 90% of the jobs (except for technical positions) out there that require a college degree you will never use most of what you learned in college. On the job training would suffice for the functions of the job. A degree just says that this person has acumen for and knowledge in the subject, and the tenacity to do something that isn't easy and that they didn't have to do.

    I believe public education financing is a good thing as a general idea, but the way in which it is executed is moronic.
  16. nycstripes

    nycstripes Meatball's Dad


    Wherever Government turns its attention is surely about to be destroyed.

    "Now Obama and Duncan are turning their attention to higher education, using proven models of reform to entice others to do the same.

    “Dozens of colleges and universities have either cut or frozen tuition, or provide a four-year graduation guarantee, where the college agrees to cover the cost of the extra time it takes a full-time student to graduate,” Duncan said in a speech last month. He cited many examples of innovation, such as performance-based scholarships, that can help ensure students graduate with “demonstrated competence.”"
    WTF? Sounds like a degree for having a heartbeat and the elimination of final exams and grades. I have heard this idiotic idear pitched in the past and still believe this to be the road to disaster.
  17. Pooh

    Pooh Administrator

    Have been pretty useless for a couple decades for the most part.
  18. Pittenger5

    Pittenger5 Well-Known Member

    I'm marketing grad, getting my marketing masters, and I cant find a job. Guess I shouldve studied womens studies and become a pimp or something.
  19. Aberk

    Aberk Well-Known Member

    I was really referring to more technical and serious degrees. I picture the same electrical engineering degree I have now not being worth it's weight on paper for someone graduating with the same degree 10-20 years from now. Its really a shame.
  20. Pooh

    Pooh Administrator

    If you've got 10k EE's graduating every year and only 1k EE jobs then yep, that's exactly what will happen. But that's not surprising when everyone seems to think going to college is a right not something to be worked at/for. What will most likely happen is the good schools will still have good students get jobs and the diploma mill grads will be sitting in a park protesting how the government should make someone hire them.

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