Venezuela crumbles under failed socialism

Discussion in 'The Dungeon' started by Spang308, Jan 28, 2019.

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    The title is incorrect on this thread. It is not failed is where socialism failed.
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  4. tiggen

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    Didnt some guy say that in a movie once?
  5. R Acree

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    It was a paraphrase of George S. Patton, "The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his."
    He gets credit, but I wouldn't be surprised if someone else echoed the sentiment before him.
  6. tiggen

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    I believe it was "poor bastard." Great scene whether he said it or not.
  7. blkduc

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    His statements were stunning! I was jaw dropped hearing him admit that a small percentage of the population pays all the taxes and that causes them to leave. He was more conservative than any Republican at that moment. I would love to see the panic from NY dems when they heard that.
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    It wasn't just a citizen. It was a high school kid.

    Her enthusiasm to stick it to somebody outweighed her judgement. She attacked a child.

    Typical Democrat scum. Just like all of them..
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    Human garbage.
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    Party of the klan
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    They always go right for the threats to abuse power.
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    Good vid. People witnessing Venezuela’s demise reminds us socialism is the boiling frog.
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    Any fool still supporting the ideas from those two degenerates (AOC & Bernie), ought to be paying very close attention to what's happening in NY State right now. Their goofy Gov, is literally in an 'Oh shit' situation learning that his budget decreased to the tune of $2+ billion dollars due to the mass exodus of millionaires. Watch now, other Liberal shithole States will FIRST pass legislation on exit taxes before attempting their version of overtaxing the wealthy too.

    Do that Federally and I imagine a lot of people will choose to move their primary residence to countries who don't play that game.....Belize off the top of my head.
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    I saw it a couple days ago, should have posted the link, that NJ is trying to pass a "rainwater tax " like some of the other liberal paradises.
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    why cant they learn from what Trump did Federally, lowered corporate taxes and watched an exodus of offshore parked money come flying back in...

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    Good ole Liberal Apple was the largest catch so far, if not mistaken, they brought back over a quarter of a TRILLION we would have NEVER got back under Democrat rule.

    No matter how much WINNING DJT manages, those buffoons will never take notes.
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    Only thing that I can say as a person who lived through communism / socialism ended up civil war, motherfuckers like Sanders, Cortez and all other scum who thinks like them have NO idea what they / we have in this GREAT country!!!
    As a citizen I'll be damned if don't do my part what ever it takes to prevent people like them to bring this country to level that my kid has to go through what I had to go through!!!
    Fucking traitors!
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    They should just build a wall. Afterall, if it's immoral to build a wall to keep people out, it should be OK to build one to keep people in...

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