Various Ducati 1098 Parts For Sale

Discussion in 'Parts for Sale' started by SalKhan, Jul 13, 2018.

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    I have a few items for sale on Ebay that aren't moving available here:

    Zip code is 17972

    To save time, it includes:
    Used front sprocket - Good condition - $13
    OEM Rear Spring with some additional hardware - Good condition - $12
    OEM Flywheel - Excellent Condition - $100
    OEM Clutch Slave - Good condition - $40
    JT Rear Sprocket (38T) - New - $35
    Prices do not include shipping

    You can buy/OBO me through Ebay or contact me here. Email works as well:

    I also have a few other things I recently found:

    Yana Shiki Front Subframe / Fairing Stay: Brand new. $75 each or $130 for both. Not the best quality metal but lines up great and cheap.

    Yana Shiki windscreen: Brand new. $35. Don't let the name or country of origin deter you. Actually decent quality, lines up great, and doesn't look terrible.

    I'm also interested in trading / buying Pit-Bull TRS Pins for a 15 R1.

    Shipping during the week for me can tricky since I travel for work but I will do my best!
  2. SalKhan

    SalKhan Well-Known Member

    Spring and Windshield are sold!

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