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Discussion in 'Bikes for Sale' started by tbax, Mar 19, 2017.

  1. tbax

    tbax V Twin Track Rider

    I have owned this rc51 since 2012. The previous owner spared little expense preparing it for the track. JD Hord built motor. 131 RWHP IN 2015 DYNO. CARILLO rods,WISeCO pistons, DURBAN AIR BOX, yoyodine slipper, marvic forged magnesium wheels, penske shock, Galfer disks, full titanium 2 into 1 exhaust, sharkskind body work, Sato rear sets, Ohlins damper,full safety wired. With Pitt bull stands and tire warmers. I purchased with Bill of sale, no title, no street parts. $4500 firm. Bike in Ohio. Can post pictures, I think, with help tomorrow.
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  2. turbulence

    turbulence Well-Known Member

    Carrillo rods you say?
  3. tbax

    tbax V Twin Track Rider

    Yes. Hord built the motor in 2008 and has serviced since. His records are all available.
  4. 1badfish

    1badfish Well-Known Member

    I had an '04 NH edition street bike that I did a couple track days on. I loved that bike. It was heavy, an 600 I-4 would smoke it, and it didn't handle great (stock) but it made a beautiful racket and I miss it. I've considered an RC for a track bike. Can one find parts these days?
  5. Wheeliest

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  6. 1badfish

    1badfish Well-Known Member

    I'm dying to see pics of this gem!
  7. tbax

    tbax V Twin Track Rider

    Thanks for the posts.

    I can send pics to interested parties, and already have, but i cannot figure out how to add to my already posted bike site. Any help appreciated. It seems in my decades of racing (70s thru 1980 or so) and track days since, I have never sold a bike on this site.

    This bike is quite a bit lighter than a street RC. Magnesium wheels, no fans, race body work and no lighting shaves off a lot of weight. At the several tracks I have used the bike in the last five years (Mid Ohio, VIR, Putnam) it consistently pulls with the 848 Duc and the very best 600s. I also track a Panigale, and of course it is probably 30 to 40 hp down on that. It is the most powerful bike I have enjoyed without any electronic aids, probably the end of an era in that regard.

    Parts have not been a problem. I use JD Hord for my service, and have needed only routine filters, an electrical relay and some fairing parts. There seems to be a lot of parts on line, but I have not needed any. A couple of large Honda dealers, per JD, still carry a lot of parts since the bike has remained so popular.

    Tom Baxter
  8. loser

    loser Well-Known Member

    I pm'ed Tom and he quickly responded with some pics. I thought I would help him out by posting a few as teasers. Bike appears neat and tidy and well sorted. Hoping it's still available after taxes...




  9. 1badfish

    1badfish Well-Known Member

    That does look nice. I read on this forum somewhere that the RC51 was one of those bikes that everyone wishes they would have owned and/ or the one they wished they would have kept. I loved mine after I learned it's characteristics.
  10. rideREDenbaugh

    rideREDenbaugh New Member

    Still have the RC?
  11. CycleMyke

    CycleMyke A.K.A. 1000hio

    Where in Ohio?
  12. Yoan Chavez

    Yoan Chavez Member

    Sweet bike :clap:
  13. white wings

    white wings Well-Known Member

    I realize the can is TI but are you SURE that header/mid are TI and not stainless?

    I'd like to think I've had EVERY exhaust known to man in my possession from this bike but I could be wrong.

    Anything done to the front suspension?
  14. Big Sherm

    Big Sherm Well-Known Member

    Got any spare RC51 bodywork?

  15. Gimmie Mo

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    I just felt a great disturbance..in my shorts..
  16. Hello I am looking for a Rc 51. Do you still have it?
  17. Davido

    Davido Member

    get that rc51 Panky!

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