Typhoid Maria?

Discussion in 'The Dungeon' started by sheepofblue, Jan 9, 2019.

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  2. Mongo

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    Very long since sane people are vaccinated.
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  3. HPPT

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    You might be overestimating the number of sane people.
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  4. Mongo

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    Overall sanity isn't remotely what I mean - just vaccine sanity :D Jenny didn't convince that many people to let their kids get sick and die.
  5. HPPT

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    It's highly correlated.
  6. SPL170db

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    Vegans and conspiracy theorists don't believe in vaccinations. They're a plot by the Illuminati to give non-Zionist kids autism.
  7. sheepofblue

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    Also the way vaccines work is not 100%. However if you get a large population that is vaccinated then those who did not gain the immunity are at lower risk. If only 50% of the population is vaccinated then even those that did the smart thing yet did not acquire immunity are at a higher risk. Oh and if it is something like drug resistant TB which has been found in the illegal alien population that lack of acquired immunity could be fatal.

    As to the anti-vax idiots.... I suspect many are Democrats that argue for global warming :crackup:

    (All kidding aside a recent article was about the Orthodox Jewish population in NYC being over run with measles recently due to anti-vax mentality) Oh wait they do vote heavily (D) :crackup:
  8. Motofun352

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    There's actually a study (many probably) on this. Vaccinations are all about risk management. In a population that is highly immune due to vaccinations, the least risk approach is to not get a vaccination. You'll be swimming in an ocean of immune people where the "bugs" can't get to you. If, on the the other hand, too many people adopt this attitude then the pathways for contracting the disease is greatly increased. Since you won't know who has and who hasn't been vaccinated the smart play is to get the vaccination and accept the minimal risk associated with it.
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