Tread wear pattern

Discussion in 'Tech' started by 8nthatk, May 23, 2020.

  1. 8nthatk

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  2. fastedyamaha

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    What are you concerned about? The tread wear down the center of the tire compared to the edges? Does your riding consist of lots of miles ridden straight up and down, as in highway commuting? If so, that’s a normal wear pattern.
  3. SPL170db

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    All it tells me is that it needs to be replaced :D
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  4. stangmx13

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    Shows that you don’t replace tires often enough
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  5. DmanSlam

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    You're on the street so, regardless of tire, you'll eventually have a flat section across the middle along with chicken strips (if that's an obsession). And unless you're tracking your road bike every other weekend (doesn't seem so?), I would recommend going with Michelin Road 4 or 5s. They're capable, roadworthy tires for commuting and travel. Better in the wet on the streets as well.
  6. 8nthatk

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    No concerns, just wondering if there is anything there that would indicate an adjustment is warranted to a good, experienced set-up man. I guess I should send the pic to a chassis guy.

    I was looking at the left side having more wear than the right and the upper half of the 'rain groove' worn more than the lower.

    It's a twisties bike, no track but not a commuter either. Going with the same tire (well, V3).

    Thanks for the input.
  7. 8nthatk

    8nthatk Active Member

    It's not an obsession at all. Have about half inch chicken strips, which is good with me on the street.

  8. 8nthatk

    8nthatk Active Member

    Thanks. No concerns, just trying to use it for set-up information if it's relevant.

  9. 8nthatk

    8nthatk Active Member

    Ha. I wouldn't want to start a ride on those for sho. Pretty happy I ended a long one with them and got all of my money's worth. :beer:

  10. TurboBlew

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    I would just go ahead and forget about "reading your tires like tea leaves" for adjustments. Keep them inflated properly. Unless you're unexpectedly winning the GAP Invitational TT???
  11. gapman789

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    Jeebus man....I know my '16 Tuono RR (with Factory Ohlins suspenders) handles like it's on the proverbial 'rails', but damn, didn't know it was THAT good with a tire like that.

    Just how many miles did you put on it?
  12. 8nthatk

    8nthatk Active Member

    Yeah, it got a little squirmy towards the end, but it was a 180 mile hard ride... def squeezed for all it had. Had to bump the ATC up the last 50 miles but made it home just fine.
    I had planned to change them yesterday morning, but the rain that was called for didn't happen and I couldn't resist.

    Would have to look at the odo for miles made on it.
  13. 8nthatk

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    Yes, I positively expect to win it unexpectedly.

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  14. SuddenBraking

    SuddenBraking Well-Known Member

    I would just keep riding that - based on the photo, you're pretty close to turning it into a slick (when it'll be extra sticky, obviously).
  15. 8nthatk

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    Hmmm...these tires don't have much in the way of 'tread' to begin with. Now the weight savings...that is something to consider.

    Anyhoo, wifey had the answer. "Which side is the donkey hanging"? Yup, on the left. Mystery solved.

    Riding centered isn't an option, so I'm gonna alternate; left, right, etc. Bingo. Now ya'll can relax and enjoy your holiday weekend. You're welcome.
  16. Pneumatico Delle Vittorie

    Pneumatico Delle Vittorie Retired "Tire" Guy

    Keep riding on that and you'll be past the tread compound and into the rubber that coats the steel belts pretty quickly. And that under rubber doesn't offer much traction.
    They start with around 4 to 5 mm of tread depth if I remember correctly
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  17. 8nthatk

    8nthatk Active Member

    If it wasn't clear, I was being facetious.

    The tires have already been changed.
  18. yokohama1

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    You will see more wear on the left side of the tire as roads are crowned.
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