Traveling to Dubai, looking for some pointers

Discussion in 'General' started by SPL170db, Oct 21, 2018.

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    Try not to bump into another (local/Arab) man while walking about...
    Again, "Google it".

    You sound JUST like the guy that needs to sponsor my assault on the SCCA Prototype 1 class for '19 - The "Runoffs" (GNF!) are at VIR next year - we should talk.

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  2. SPL170db

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    Just landed in Dubai this AM.

    First impressions, very clean and beautiful city. Immigration and customs was a breeze. If you've never had the chance to fly on an A380 before, do it before they start going away. Never saw one in the flesh until this morning at JFK, there were 3 there (Emirates, Korean, Singapore)....landed in Dubai and counted about 35-40 of them before we even parked at our gate lol. Even back in economy on Emirates the plane feels so spacious and open. The food and the seat feel like they are only a tick below domestic first/business on any of the big 3 US carries. Just the sheer size of the plane is amazing, especially when you fly domestic 737's 90% of the time. I had an over wing window seat and I swear the damn wing feels like its the size of a city block, lol. Its also hands down the quietest cabin I've ever experienced (though not due to the presence of a bunch of screaming kids).

    Left all my vitamin supplements and protein powder at home (probably unnecessarily)...just packed about 20 protein bars to last me the week :D
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  3. Prospect

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    Awesome, let us know how the rest of the trip goes, I'm pretty sure you're going to have a good time. Dubai has always been a great place.
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    Or, you could just eat food.
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    Make sure to visit the old souks. The wife and I witnessed a knife fight there between two different tribal members within 15 minutes of our arrival :)
  6. SPL170db

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    I tend to. The majority of the population is still deficient in several vitamins and minerals even with a well balanced and "complete" diet. But thanks for the tip.

    Going to check out some spice markets tomorrow.
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    How long was the flight from JFK?

    See any strip joints yet? LOL

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