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Discussion in 'General' started by walt415, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. 05Yamabomber

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    Thats true, but insurance companies always ask if anyone else saw that wasnt in the vehicle with you. Most people arent going to hang around someone elses accident unless its gnarly thats why I would try to get pics and info and they can split. Better than no witness.
  2. JBowen33

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    I understand what your saying but I do accident investigation for a living.... just saying
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    I watch Judge Judy so I know how people usually handle these things.
    You head over to his place at about 3AM and smash his windows and key the fuck out of his paint.
    Then you post on Facebook to let everyone know you like to keep it real.
    Leave a drunken threatening message on his answering machine if you want to wrap it up and put a bow on it.
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  4. gixxerboy55

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    Probably best to get a lawyer, sometimes it's cheaper for the insurance company to pay off rather than fight.
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    I imagine the big insurance companies don't even "go after" each other. They just keep tally and it's like I owe you 40 megabucks and you owe me 40 so we'll just call it even. After all, they each get to raise the rates on their customers so it's not like they actually lose anything.
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    I didn't know that about NC. I had an aunt in Caldwell Co. Who was in an crash and the other driver was charged, something obvious like running a red light. In the end she was totally screwed in the deal, bad injuries and totaled car.

    Interesting to see such disagreement with folks in the industry and LE. I appreciate your work.
  7. Ducti89

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    In PA we have a box for “filed under information received” that addresses the hearsay rule. The subpoened party must show for the citation to be held.
  8. walt415

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    Thanks, everybody, for your input. It's interesting to get all the different opinions, and information.

    Two other tidbits are relevant:

    My deductible is $2000. The damage to my car is just under that (yes, you can tell me I told you so). If the other party's insurance company does not assume liability it all comes out of my pocket.

    The other driver lives catty corner across from me in my development. I can see the Christmas lights in his window, spreading holiday cheer.
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    My mom was hit by someone who ran a red light.
    Police didn't fill out a report because no one was transported to the hospital.
    After the fact the guy told StateFarm that she ran the light.
    StateFarm is my mom's insurance as well.
    Since there was no police report StateFarm was just not going to do anything and have both parties listed at fault.

    There was a witness that left his name/number with the officer.
    Finally got his number from the officer's notes that were given to my mother.
    Called him and insurance never contacted him.
    They had the number and told me they couldn't get him to call back, funny I left one voicemail and was called back the same day.

    What a cluster fuck.
  10. JBowen33

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    Yes I’m PA we do but good luck with trying to get people to show up for that especially third partie that is not involved lol. The only time I’ve ever had anyone show up to court for that was school bus drivers who called an advised that someone passed them while they were off loading kids and they only show up because they are getting paid for it.
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  11. Ducti89

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    For the most part, Im able to convince those who I need to.
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    Every time I see this thread, I think Night Court.....and those luscious gabonzos of Markie Post :clap:
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    I must have been too young to recognize ta-ta’s of that magnitude at the time. I’d love to see that rack run free.:clap:
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    I googled it. Not sure if they're actually pictures of her knockers, but, some nice pics were brought up, nonetheless.
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    My goggle-foo-young is on the blitz this evening. Please post up some of the more provocative images?
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    You can't type 'Markus Post nude' in the search box?
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    I’m viewing her images and some of the photos look like a before and after plastic/silicone upgrade.
    I had to slide down a few images before I encountered the photo that was posted.
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    I don't think any of the nudies are really her. She may have done some scantily clad stuff, but I don't ever recall her showing her stuff. There are tons of companies who'll do Photoshops of real images. That's what I was talking about.
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    :rolleyes: False advertisement

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