Tire warmers. 600cc - 1000cc superbike

Discussion in 'Parts for Sale' started by chadspaint, May 29, 2016.

  1. chadspaint

    chadspaint Well-Known Member

    Original Graves ctc ( Bandit) tire warmers with thermostats. You can leave them on all day and your tires will be ok. I recomend puttting them on 45 min or so before you go out . Or in between heats to keep your tires out of a heat cycle. Worked last them I used them. $ 150.00

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  2. handr1

    handr1 Well-Known Member

    What size rear

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  3. chadspaint

    chadspaint Well-Known Member

    1000 cc superbike . 16.5 17.0 . Pretty sure any size that fits a 600 or 1000
  4. chadspaint

    chadspaint Well-Known Member

    the rear is about 10 inches wide or so and the from is 7
  5. John Mulcahy

    John Mulcahy Member

    Still available? 600's and 1000's use different size rears so if you can confirm they warmers will fit a 180-200 size rear I am I interested, or send me the model # and I'll look it up.
  6. Bolo

    Bolo New Member

    Would u do 100 for the tire warmers
  7. chadspaint

    chadspaint Well-Known Member

    Sold !!

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