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    This forum seems to be an under-utilized section of the wonderful beeb. Well in an attempt to change that, I'll start copy and pasting the race reports from Draik's website. He is no award winning writer but personally writes these on the way home from the race track. It's something new he has started doing this year.

    Here are the first two installments for his 2014 season:

    Tally Feb.

    My first expert race weekend went great. I was able to podium twice with second place finishes in both ESS and DSS. I took forth in Clubman, and fifth in the Lightweight Solo 20, which both of those races had several bigger bikes that I was competing against. My biggest accomplishment was dropping 3 seconds off of my previous best lap time; I was running consistent 1:11’s. I contribute my success on the track to the skills I’ve learned at the Jason DiSalvo Speed Academy. My body positioning looked and felt better than ever. I was able to get to where I was because of the great Pirelli tires I got from James Bock at Podium Motorsports Pirelli. They allow me some awesome lean angle and they have a great relationship with the surface of the race track. Another great thing that helped me get a great drive out of the turns was my lightweight chain kit from Racer Café, Inc. I could really tell a difference in the way that my 250 was able to get back up to speed with the new chain. . This is a great way to start off my first year being expert. I could not have done this if it weren't for all of my great sponsors and supporters. I can’t wait until I get back onto the track in March at Roebling Rd. Raceway.

    Roebling Road March

    This weekend at Roebling Road Raceway, racing the second regional race weekend and it great, finishing with a 2nd and a 4th place. I had an eventful battle in my ESS race. Josh Jovi, Dante Witter, Peter Hupperich, and I all were battling the whole race, I was in second for a few laps, then Peter and Dante passed me and I then was in fourth. For about two laps, I was sitting in fourth then we came to the front stretch where I caught Peters draft and flew between him and Dante into the first turn. I then late braked and then I was in second right behind Josh. I was behind him for two laps but he held his ground. I walked out with a second place finish, a really cool thing was Josh, Dante, and I finished within a quarter of second of each other.

    My other race was the DSS race which was combined with the Lightweight Superbikes. I ran 3rd for the whole race until a big Ducati 750 on the last lap in the last turn, despite getting 4th, I ran my fastest lap in that race.

    Overall, I improved my lap times by 8.4 seconds and had an awesome weekend! I would like to thank Jamie at Daugherty Motorsports for the great suspension setup; this was my first weekend with the front emulators and a “proper” rear shock. And Ralph at Somethin’ Extra Cycles for his wisdom with jet setup for the carburetors.

    My next round is at NOLA in New Orleans which is a huge haul down there. I can't wait to go out and win some races.

    And for Broome:

    Tally: 2nd, 2nd, 4th, 5th

    RRR: 2nd, 4th
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    Awesome Job!!
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    Congrats Draik, did anyone get video of this epic battle?
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    Draiks been killin it
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    NOLA 4/6/14

    My race weekend started with an 8 hour drive to a the Smith Estate in Semes, Alabama, where we would sleep before going to NOLA. It was nice to get to hang out with Caleb, Nigel and their family in the comfort of their home, because usually we only see each other at the track and it’s always very busy. Sunday we woke up at 4:00 am for the 2 and a half hour drive to the track. There was a 90% chance of thunderstorms throughout the entire day, I was stoked about racing in the rain. However, after 2 wet and foggy practice sessions, the wind picked up, the rain never came, and the track dried out (for the most part).

    First I raced E Superstock. When the green flag dropped I had an excellent start. I held the lead over until turn 3, where I ran in a little too hot and was relegated to 2nd place. It was a pretty uneventful race due to the light turn out, I guess most people don’t like racing in the rain.
    My second and last race for the day was D Superstock, where I again had a strong start and took the lead immediately. I held onto first place for a couple of laps then I was passed. I had some good battles and ended up finishing second.

    This was my first weekend to wear my Nitek helmet from H&H Sports Protection. I was amazed with how light and comfortable it is. The pinlock system worked out great and I had zero fogging issues despite the damp conditions. Lionheart Moto keeps me safe and comfortable in my custom fit leather suit and gloves. I wear Alpinestar SMX Plus boots that I got from Racer Café Inc., they’ve held up well when I’ve been dragging them in the corners. (I’m still working on my body positions to prevent that) Something most people don’t get to see is my custom fitted Impact Safe-T Armor, I’ve never been on the track without it. Many people have seen and asked about the black vest I wear over my suit, it’s my Hit-Air vest from The vest I wear now is brand new for this season, but my previous one was “tested” several times and always provided excellent protection.

    I’m really excited for some upcoming bike nights here in Knoxville where I will showcase all of this great safety gear and represent all of my sponsors well. I’m really pumped that in May I will be doing a track day with Sportbike Track Time at Barber. This will be my first opportunity to ride my new-to-me SV 650! I worked and saved and paid for this bike all by myself, it’s something I’m very proud of. After Barber, I’ll be back on my Ninja 250 for the 4th round of the WERA Southeast Regionals at Roebling Road Raceway.

    For Broome:

    2nd in ESS
    2nd in DSS
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    You bought that SV yourself? Good for you.:clap:
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    Yes he did. He runs his entire race program and the finances of it. I, of course, help but the funding and decisions on what to spend on upgrades and such are his to make. He has been working really hard doing odd jobs and selling off stuff he doesn't use to pay for the bike and what not. And he has been selling the shirts we make at home too. Oh, and he does a pretty good job of talking to and representing his sponsors. Trying to help him be well rounded.
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    He's a heck of a talker that's for sure.:D

    Sounds like he does ok.:clap:
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    Race Report for Roebling Road Raceway 6/1/14

    I woke up to the sound of rain, never a good thing to hear when you wake up at a racetrack. After a while the rain stopped and the track dried up in time for first practice session. Surprisingly, the track was not slippery and my Pirellis were gripping well. The second session came and I was getting closer to my previous best lap time. I felt good about my practice sessions, my suspension done by Daugherty Motorsports felt great and I was ready to race! However, I had to chill out and wait because my 2 races were towards the end of the day.

    Finally, after the long wait came my ESS race. I was in the front row at the grid, and by the time I was in the first turn I was in third place. Peter Hupperich and I battled back and forth the entire race. We were so close that you could throw a blanket over us. He ended up beating me by five hundredths of a second! I finished third and felt awesome; the race was so much fun!

    In my DSS race I ended up in fourth. It was a pretty uneventful race for me, but at least I kept it up. Looking back on this race I could have gone faster. After the bigger bikes gained a good lead on me, I let the rubber band break and my lap times proved it. In the future I know that I need to keep my head down, attack the corners harder, and keep driving hard to keep up despite being on a slower bike.

    I had a good weekend over all. Thank you for reading. I’ll be back at the track again this weekend for the WERA Cycle Jam at Road Atlanta. I’m looking for better results with even larger grids.

    3rd in ESS (missed 2nd by ~0.05sec)
    4th in DSS
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    oh and BTW pleeeease don't let him run the SV ;)
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    You're safe for the rest of this season...
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    Draik’s Race Report for the 2014 WERA Cycle Jam

    I started the weekend by taking the scenic route to the closest track to home, Road Atlanta. On our way we drove up to see Dave Alison of US 129 and Greg McCoy, owner of The Hub and Both of these guys have been long time sponsors of my race program and I really enjoyed getting to chat with both of them. Once we got to the track, we met my Grandaddy and cousin from Indiana that came down to watch me race. We got our pit ready for the next day’s activities, two practices and two practices.

    Even though it rained Friday night, we arrived to a dry track Saturday morning. My first round of practice went well, I got reacquainted to the track quickly and was close to my race pace. There were many red flags in other practice groups, which pushed my second practice session after lunch. Second practice session was even closer to my race pace lap times and I was feeling confident going into my first race, which was 13B.

    Just like the practice sessions, there were many red flags before my race. I’d like to mention one of these red flags was the result of a terrible, single bike crash, in turn five where fellow racer, Andy White lost his life. RIP Andy White. We did not get this news until after my ESS race was complete.

    My ESS race started with me on pole but found myself in second place into turn one. The whole race I was tucked behind first place. I attempted to make passes but could never quite get around him. I did improve my personal best lap time by three seconds. This helped me bring home a second place finish, I missed out on first place by only 1.015 seconds. Due to the delays, the race was shortened to four laps. I really feel that if I had the extra two laps to study the leader, I would have been able to find a way around him.

    Following my ESS race, there was a riders meeting saying that my race had been the last one of the day. I was given the option to race Sunday or to cash my race in for credits. Being the racer I am, I chose option number one. Unfortunately, this meant that we had to do laundry in a hotel sink since we only packed for one day.

    It rained again Saturday night but once again, luckily it had dried up by my one and only practice. My practice session was very comfortable and felt great. After an extended lunch, it was race time. This was my DSS race that was combined with lightweight superbike. I was on pole but once the green dropped, the yellow plate LWTSB passed me by turn one. I held my line and passed them on the outside of turn one. They motored by me up the hill where I was not able to get back around them in the chicane. This caused me to lose the DSS lead group but I was able to finish in fourth place.

    All and all it was a good weekend, I improved my best lap times and found a faster way around the track. I’m looking forward to the next race weekend at Barber. In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy church camp at Myrtle Beach. I will also be doing some extra work to help with my race fund. Thank you for taking the time to read my race report. Attached below you will find a link to the video of my fastest lap around the track, please check it out.

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    Good job Draik.:clap:
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    Barber 7-1-14

    This was the first time racing here since GNF last year, but I was at Barber earlier this year on my SV for a Sportbike Track Time trackday. I started the day off with good practice, I was almost as fast as my previous best lap time. By second practice, I had broken my previous best lap time by nearly a second. During these practices, I was doing something I have always bad at, aggressive passing. Granted it was only practice but I was passing at every opportunity, just not too close. I realized that I have been overly cautious. I have to give a big shout-out to Teddy at Apex Mfg./STT, at the trackday, he talked with me about attacking the corners and being more aggressive.

    My first race was ESS, I started on pole and had a great start but another rider’s bike proved to be more powerful and pulled away from me in the straights. I did have a great battle with my buddy Dante Witter. We were closing in the leader, but we never reeled him in enough to pass him. I finished the race in 3rd, missing out on the second step of the box by less than 6/10ths of a second. I really enjoyed that race since it was the closest and most position changes I’ve ever had.

    Then came the DSS race, once again I started pole and was expecting to be battling with Dante again. Unfortunately he crashed out and the race was restarted without him. The rest of the race was uneventful but I pushed hard and improved my best lap time by 1.3 seconds! I once again, ended up 3rd. I was able to pass quite a few SV’s during that race as it was combined with lightweight superbike. It was great to have my sponsor, Lionheart Moto there supporting me too. This has been a great weekend that has taught me a lot! I can’t wait to get back to the track in just a few weeks at Roebling Road Raceway. I hope you enjoy your Fourth of July holiday. Dad will be helping me get a video together of my E-Superstock race, I will send it out when we get it done.

    For Broome:
    3rd ESS
    3rd DSS
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    Awesome job! and thanks for the help in the pits!

    You guys rock
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    Thanks, not a problem.
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    Great Job!!!!!!
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    Makes me want to get another 250...

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