The greatest tv theme of all time is . . .

Discussion in 'General' started by Knotcher, Jul 23, 2019.

  1. NemesisR6

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    Realize it certainly isn't along the "classics" mentioned in this thread, but the intro to the first season of True Detective was incredible. One of those few shows that I never skipped through the credits.......just the imagery that made more sense as you got into the show against a truly fitting song by the Handsome Family called "Far from Any Road."

    I'd post it here but there is some NSFW imagery....
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  2. racesbikes

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    The Sopranos
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  3. Banditracer

    Banditracer Dogs - because people suck

    Forgot about that one.
  4. Sabre699

    Sabre699 Wait...hold my beer.

    Yeah...there's 7 pages of this shit. :D
  5. Cannoli

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    Seven pages in and it still hasn’t been said...

    60 Minutes

  6. cha0s#242

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    Go ahead and post it, we're all adults here :D
  7. tzrider

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  8. pickled egg

    pickled egg Who lives in an air bubble under the sea?

    Now we’re supposed to post our birth certificates along with our report cards? :Poke:
  9. evakat

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    The Love Boat... contest over!
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    It turns everyone into a lounge singer instantly.
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  11. CowboyRR

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  12. R Acree

    R Acree WTF

    What is your name?
  13. pickled egg

    pickled egg Who lives in an air bubble under the sea?

    I don’t know
  14. R Acree

    R Acree WTF

    Dern, how's it hanging.
  15. D-Zum

    D-Zum Alex’s Crew Chief

    The Flintstones
    The Addams Family
    Sons of Anarchy
  16. SpeedyTide

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    If gameshows count......
    The Price Is Right.
  17. D-Zum

    D-Zum Alex’s Crew Chief

    "Suicide is Painless"
  18. SpeedyTide

    SpeedyTide 'Bama's Bad Boy

    The Addams Family
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  19. SpeedyTide

    SpeedyTide 'Bama's Bad Boy

    The Beverly Hillbillies
  20. SpeedyTide

    SpeedyTide 'Bama's Bad Boy

    That 70's Show

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