The Biden Crime Family

Discussion in 'The Dungeon' started by In Your Corner, Nov 21, 2019.

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    Backers ≠ Family
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    Wow, that really looks bad for the "family".

    So, I guess that it all means that they will skate, as always.
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  12. Inst Tech

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    This shit is straight up out the movies yo!
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    Read a article (rumor) that an Ukraine MP says Joe Biden was given $900k As a lobbyist. Big if and anon source, does not give me any good feelz, but hope for a change.
  14. In Your Corner

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    All anonymous sources are acceptable to
    the left, the more anonymous the better.
    Several anonymous sources = airtight case.
    There is absolutely no way they could doubt
    this information.
    Even better if it's hearsay by an anonymous
    source, that's the very best evidence of all.

    And don't forget that you must prove your
    innocence in the new Amerika.
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  15. Potts N Pans

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    This is the scary part. There a several people I have spoke with and at first they are either just "OMB" or don't care cause politics are boring".

    Then I use an example of an accusation with their name in it and show that they have to prove they are innocent against my claim. It starts to make sense when it impacts their life.
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    And, she’s smokin’ hot.

    Can’t imagine banging a stripper, without a condom. *SMH*
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  18. Quicktoy

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    No she’s not. She’s a 7 in stripper terms. and I’ve done it to a bunch lol.
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  19. Britt

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    6-1/2 max....yeah a few..much like Russian Roulette..very lucky it never went wrong.
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  20. brex

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    Really? Financial records being used in an inappropriate or malicious manner? Huh, I wonder who else is going through this very thing. But nah, nobody is wanting to use the President's financial records in a malicious manner.

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