That New New Tundra 2022-3rd Gen

Discussion in 'General' started by BigBird, Sep 20, 2021.

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    What emission equipment failures? Couple of years ago some geniuses on the beeb figured out that these emission systems have officially been all figured out and truckers that take these systems off are just dumb rednecks that must hate the environment. ;)

    I wonder if that Yota 3.5 is going to be have a better reliability record than the Ecoboost. Because from power standpoint that is a great motor.
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    Maybe the emissions equipment failing is a thing of the recent past on modern diesels, I'm not in the know. And I didn't know the ford Ecoboosts were known to be unreliable.

    My only problem with creating the power from such high cylinder pressure is the utter garbage 87 octane fuel that everyone insists on running. This is definitely an area where diesel has a huge benefit. Running 87 octane fuel in the heat towing a trailer running a constant 7-12psi of turbocharger boost is a recipe for disaster. I'm sure the engineers spend lots of time just trying to keep the engines alive during those kind of testing conditions.

    I did see that Ford actually recommends 93octane on the 2.7 and 3.5TT when towing. But man, who wants to spend $.75 more per gallon on fuel when you're getting like 10mpg towing long distance...woof.
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    Hahaha people are willing to pay more for worse fuel mileage.
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    Exactly...It's why performance vehicles exist...
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