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    WANABE RACER Well-Known Member

    was thinking of using xt gpx pro as a dash only since it shift lights. Not sure if not having a tach would bother me or not. Don't want to spend stupid money. Any ideas or suggestions? Must be gps for lap times.
  2. JBarx

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    Have one, I wouldn't want to use it as the only dash instrument, although it would work. I can read an analog tach much more quickly and at a glance. I mount the GPX just below the tach, covering up the non-functional speedo. I use that for times and check gear selection, and I usually don't run it at all for races.
  3. regularguy

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    Use the stock dash. It's light and it's cheap and it will throw a code when you do something silly like forget to hook up one of the sensors on the airbox.
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  4. Woofentino Pugr

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    When I got my SV, the guy who built it as a racebike had no dash on it. Drove me nuts not having a tach on it. Hell he didn't even put a neutral light or oil light on it. Added the 2 lights and later added a svs dash for the tach and oem idiot lights.
  5. drewnabobber

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    I use a GPX pro as a dash replacement on the SV. I also wired up individual LEDs for the neutral and oil lights. Meant to put one on for the FI light as well but never got to it, haven't had the need. I left the connector on the harness so that I can just connect my stock guage to check FI codes.

    On the GPX the shift lights are my tach and I find them pretty easy to read in my peripheral vision. I have the bar graph going as well as a numerical readout that is useful for starts when I'm trying to hit a specific RPM, but I usually just use the lights. Have it wired to coolant temp and the shift sensor as well.
  6. Focker

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    I used a Mycron 4gold on my first gen SV. worked great.

    WANABE RACER Well-Known Member

    I looked at the new Mychron 5. Called AIM and they said it wouldn't work because it was really for karts and the noise from motorcycle would screw it up

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