Super Single Yamaha YZ450F GP Tech conversion

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    This is a copy of a copy from the recent purchase of this bike. It has new Pirellis that have 15 minutes of time.Price is $5700. Here is the description. I am located 2 hours east of Columbus Ohio

    I am copying the text from the original ad when I purchased the bike. It explains everything quite well. I will ad that currently the bottom end has 70.5 hours and the GYTR head total of 30.5. Over the winter of 2017/2018 I installed a new piston, cylinder, timing chain and had the head and valves inspected at a machine shop with new valve seals installed. The only thing really different is that I added a Trail Tech dash. The bike is fun to ride and I have raced it mainly with LRRS, CCS and AHRMA. The bike is located in North Jersey (In WV now)

    Yamaha YZ450F built in house by Geoff at GP Tech (
    Starting with new '08 Yamaha crate motor, '07 YZ450 frame, powercoated. R6 front end with Ohlins internals. Ohlins rear shock, Galespeed forged wheels (uses 120 front, 150 /160 rear). ValterMoto adjustable rear sets.

    Well over $20k in receipts including an factory Yamaha GYTR race head put on at 20 hours (2K!). Titanium M4 exhaust, all Graves stuff for the single (oil breather recycle etc). Many custom machined parts for retrofit.

    ALL the fasteners are titanium (incl shock and linkage, motor mounts etc etc-roughly $2k).

    Weighs in at 235lb wet, bike dynoed when adding 9 map programmable ignition with 2 map switch, Hinson slipper clutch,water temp gauge, now has 47 hours total (27 on head) valves just checked. Runs on pump gas but I use Sunoco 100.

    Kick starter that works with the TZ250 bodywork! Starts easy hot or cold.

    Never down, fun as hell! Always senior adult ridden.

    Some spares, sprockets, spare bottom end for future rebuild, shim kit, front rear stands, tire warmers, service manuals. It is always a conversion piece at the track.

    Great clubman bike, D Superbike or fun trackday bike

    Thread with pics from my December purchase
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    Send me a pm and I'll text current pics
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    pm sent!
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    What power is this making?
  5. bugeye

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    About 50
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    I love these things. Know of any video of it on track, by chance (so I can live vicariously)?
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