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    I just cancelled my plans to attend last week. My cancelling wasnt Rona related, I'll be working in Ohio that week....real bummer.

    I'd consider the "moshpit" that is the campgrounds out there to be high risk.......For the record, besides the flat track races, our normal group doesn't do any of the parties / concerts / etc. which I believe drastically reduces our risk. Not being "Part of the Party" made the event do-able risk wise for us. The rest of the group is still attending.

    we camp in friends yard just outside of town, and ride alot.

    I will miss it.....but I'm pretty certain about retiring next July, so I'll be back!
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    Charlie, where do you camp? I went 20 years ago (this year) and stayed at the Yard Dogs camp, which is right on the edge of town all around a woman's house. When I was there the camp had been using that place for nearly 20 years. I think her husband used to run an auto repair shop, and after he passed away she opened up the yard to help pay the bills.
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    Hey elvee......we camp at an elderly couples home right off exit 34, just east of town, directly across the interstate from the National Cemetery, up on the hill.....its off Blucksberg drive. There has been a big expansion of camping there, down low on the hill....but we are at a single family residence way up on the hill.

    The rest of our group is "religious" about Sturgis (every year), and have been camping with Roy and Dorthy for over 20 yrs.....I've been probably 10 of the last 20.

    Unfortunately, Roy and D are almost 90, and have informed us that this will be their last year hosting....Its a bummer, but we have a couple options.

    I think their son Joe will buy the place, and possibly carry on the tradition....he rides and is a good dude, retired Army.

    The "leader" of our bunch believes in getting ahead of the curve so he started looking at property last few years. He bought in 2019 closer to town near Vanocker Canyon, and is in the process of building. I havent seen the plans, but have heard it will be done a "Bike camp"....He plans to leave some bikes there and go out several times a year, or extended stay......This guy dont play. I'm sure it will be very well done.....ready for 2021 is the plan.

    He's the owner of "Pops Garage" bike shop in Roswell Ga, Gordy.....his son Nick runs / works the place.

    Gordy is da-man! great guy.

    I'd bet there are thousands of people like us with story's of camping at Sturgis in someones yard, huh? :rock:
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