States Passing Laws to Exclude Presidential Candidates

Discussion in 'The Dungeon' started by kangasj, Mar 18, 2019.

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  2. TXFZ1

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    Ed Zackery, I would even go as far as to say I think Obama had a team to audit them.
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  3. sheepofblue

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    To begin with if you can find ANY post on birth certificates that is not me saying it would be beneficial to establish a standard in the SC (Obama was born in HI) go for it.

    Second Trump has provided crap to Mueller for two years. In his shoes I would drag my feet, call executive privilege and in general make it a living hell for demoncats as that is their goal for him. I would gladly say release his if every congress critter did the same...actually I would push for it. At some point the putting every second of his life under a microscope is interfering with running the country, we are there. Now if a House committee suspects a crime rather than just general trolling I am willing to listen but all their demands are give us everything as something is there. :timeforabeer:
  4. sheepofblue

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    Actually his college records were not released so it was rumored that he declared himself a foreign student. Further eventually Obama did produce a BC though people whined about that also. I still say the Supreme Court missed a golden opportunity to establish a baseline of proof.
  5. Mongo

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    There is a standard in the election rules/laws. Not sure there is a need for another. The legality of certs is a state thing and should stay there.
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    It would be funny if he pulled a Warren.
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  7. blkduc

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    Rachel Maddow already did. :crackup:
  8. Woofentino Pugr

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    Hell I worked with a guy who claimed HI wasn't a state when Obama was born. Hmmm HI became a state in 1959, Obama was born in 61. Even when that was brought up he still insisted HI wasn't a state in 61.
  9. beac83

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    I try to put facts on the first page and then watch as they are ignored for the next 10+ pages.

  10. sheepofblue

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    There was dodgy things like HI policy of seeing original etc. However it is clear that he was born in HI despite the nonsense some put forth. Wait fake birth certificate issue .... fake Russian Dossier.... hmmm who was in common with both :crackup:
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    The Governor of Hawaii, Linda Lingle inspected the original and said it was genuine. She was a Republican and no friend of Barack, so I don’t think she’d lie for him.
  12. Handicapped Racer

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    Yep sure can, but that's a slippery slope to go down, if the Nuclear option fiasco didn't teach them anything. Pull up a chair and grab your pop cornand watch the show.
  13. Handicapped Racer

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    Still on that fake Dossier huh LOL
  14. auminer

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    I suspect that Trump's personal tax returns wouldn't show that he's worth all that much (in billionaire terms, that is).

    I'd suspect that the overwhelming majority of his wealth is tied up in business interests... you know, where they can earn a return.

    Trump himself might not even be 9 figures.

    If the public saw that, the average moron would go batshit saying he's a fraud multibillionaire, because personally, he probably is. He does have controlling interests in business ventures worth multiple billions, though.


    It really WOULD be hilarious if the guy really is all smoke, mirrors, and chutzpah (sp?)
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  16. Fonda Dix

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    Questioning Obama's birth certificate today is like worrying about the cleanliness of the guy who just ass raped you. Doesn't really matter. The damage is done.
  17. TXFZ1

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    The Cold Case Posse has been disbanded and that their accusations have been debunked. This is after five years of investigation. This is straight from their own website. :crackup:
  18. Mongo

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    Tax return doesn't show your net worth though.
  19. Mongo

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    No. No it has not been proven and it wasn't released because it was idiocy of the highest order.

    You links are bullshit.
  20. auminer

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    Yep. There's really no good reason to open up that can of worms.

    Plus it gives the short-attention-span theater company stuff to gripe about.

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