Some SBK pics...

Discussion in 'General' started by TrackStar, Jun 2, 2008.

  1. TrackStar



    Thanks Chip!



    Without a doubt the hardest working crew at Miller this weekend!


    Friday morning....

  2. Jester13

    Jester13 Zombo in '08!

    I wholeheartedly approve of this thread. :D
  3. Shenanigans

    Shenanigans in Mr.Rogers neighborhood

    I second that emotion!
  4. TrackStar


  5. ScottyRock155

    ScottyRock155 A T-Rex going RAWR!

    :stupid: :beer:
  6. TrackStar


  7. TrackStar


  8. 2Fer

    2Fer Is good

    this thread has more ass than an airport bathroom
  9. Jamesm925

    Jamesm925 Well-Known Member

    hellz yea!

    bring on the ass shots : D
  10. Jordan

    Jordan Well-Known Member

    ^^+1345369804958304953 :)
  11. studio819

    studio819 Well-Known Member

    now if Miller only had more then the 2 showers...or at least guys that didn't spend 25 minutes in there

    Nice pics, did your shots in the Witchcraft turn work out? Too bad Scotty didn't light it up on the Attitudes turn, I had a shot of you guys lined up with the waving flags. Instead he just waved, not the same effect
  12. RoadracerR123

    RoadracerR123 Well-Known Member

    Man, I bet there are some mormons who were just looking for some future husbands that weekend :)
  13. bb810

    bb810 Well-Known Member

    Greatest...Race weekend shots...EVER! Someone later told me that there were motorcycles in some of those pictures. :p
  14. pcb122

    pcb122 Well-Known Member

    This thread is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Smokes35

    Smokes35 Well-Known Member

    I give 1 vote for top 5 threads of all time.
  16. cgordon3

    cgordon3 I need a new bike...

    This thread is awesome with pics!!!!!!
  17. mayhem87

    mayhem87 Well-Known Member

    hmm must keep utah in mind if i ever move out of state =P pics 1 and 2 are my favorite =P
  18. Mud Whistle

    Mud Whistle Get my icebike ON!

    some of my pics in no particular order...

    Ducati girls
    Hannspree girls
    A lot of cobras in the MMP museum
    Heather, team Xerox Ducati press rep talking to us before we head for a garage tour
    Back of the Xerox Ducati garage... the guy in leathers is a tire tech but he happens to be just bigger than Bayliss, so he is also tasked with stretching the leathers
    Another shot from the back of the garage
    Walking thru the garage
    This was hilarious.. at the start of SBK #1 there was a delay and about 6 riders hopped of their machines and walked toward the infield to relieve themselves.
    Just before the start of AMA Superbike #2
    Checa celebrating
  19. Cawk Star

    Cawk Star Well-Known Member

  20. joec

    joec brace yourself

    ok, there IS something wrong with a chick in a bikini wandering around the paddock at the track. i mean, umbrella girls, or whatever, sure. but a bikini??


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