So anyway, about this coronavirus thing...

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    God, I bet she's lonely.
    Hey another chicken choker!:beer:
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    My Dad serviced all the fire extinguisher's in our area so he got to see the back of most restaurants in our area. He always said the Chines and Indian places to avoid, which was 95% of them. He showed me pics of the one Chinese place, I have no idea how they were in business.They had most of the pots on the floor with whatever liquid in them, utensils on the floor. food laying out. it was pretty gross to see. He knew the inspector and would let him know. In PA you can ask to see the kitchen and by law they have to show you. I always want to, but it scares me to see what I might be getting.
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    The worst part of cleaning a coop is the area under the water trough, although hopefully, they have
    found a better method of watering by now. It was fun setting up the chicks in the incubator hoods.
    A couple of hundred chicks in clean wood shavings was cute as hell and smelled great (Broome would
    have been in heaven). Six months later it was a whole different experience. We did some turkeys also
    when the harvest fell in late fall. The chickens went live to a processing plant but the turkeys went to
    local butchers so they would kill them as they caught them. Grab them by the head and spin them to
    break their necks. I honestly didn't care for that part, it was unpleasant to watch. This was 1962-65.
    Good times.
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    Many of them use the walk-in refrigeration unit as a storage closet without the refrigeration on.
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    Hence "wring their neck".
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    Yeah, ima wait another week or 3.
    The current crash is out of fear based on “regional” events

    The next one is when the whole globe (aside from the rather irrelevant continents) goes on lockdown.

    eneva Auto show cancelled 3 days before opening.

    We are sending out force mejeure letters that are basically obsolete since everyone is in the same boat.
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    Heck the margin calls should just be beginning.
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    I bought a Biotech company stock yesterday that's reportedly successfully developing a vaccine. It opened yesterday in the 20's. Closed at 60 with a high of 80! Hung on to it all day till folks quit losing their minds. For greedy and ended up losing 400 bucks! Dang Corona virus!
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  13. Agreed. But the problem is there is nothing in the contract about not being allowed to come to work because a they are scared you might spread a virus. I actually looked through my Contract last night out of curiosity.

    There is everything from being injured at work, to being injured at home, to death/sickness of immediate family, to flights being missed or cancelled, to children being born, to mental instabilities, etc. There are provisions for damn near any reason someone wouldn't be at work...except this.
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    I haven’t read any posts in a few days but anyone been seeing the similarity of this to an 80s Dean Kuntz book to the point Reuter’s and WP have already fact checked it?
    Dean predicted this happening earily. After the second print of the book in the 80s they even renamed the deadly virus (Wuhan-400).
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    force majure

  16. We will find out. There is a dude in quarantine right now (supposed to be at work) because his wife and kids came back from skiing in Italy, sick. He is feeling fine so far. So we will see how they handle him.
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    Keep us updated. Hourly.
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    First reported US death from corona virus. Washington State.
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    The whole damn state?
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