Snap On, Matco, Blue Point?

Discussion in 'General' started by Scotty87, Oct 31, 2013.

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    DO you ever look on the floor when you're in there. If not do so next time that will give you some type of indication.
  2. jon686

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    I still have my Matco hex bits and torx bits from 1995. Quality stuff. Craftsman is easier to have replaced if you do break them, but I agree their quality is not what it was. We use Proto tools at work, and I like them except for their ratchets. I have beat the snot out of some Proto tools, and they work.
  3. OldSwartout

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    I have mostly old Craftsman and some similar older brands that don't exist anymore. They have worked great over the past 40+ years and I split only one socket working on a lot of cars, motorcycles and pickups. The 1/2" Craftsman breaker bar was getting pretty loose-jointed from wear over 40 years, then my son used it and twisted off the square drive end just at the socket (the pin held).

    He works in a shop where they work on large equipment and normally buys and has good luck with Matco. Matco seems to be as good as Snap-On, but costs less. They have a good Matco rep. that treats them right.

    PATBAROK I <3 Poontang

    Snap-On guy passes by my job every week-he's like my neighborhood crack dealer....

    finally got me a toolbox that I can take in/out of my trailer with ease and buy one get one special..
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  5. BHP41

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    What are you guys looking for in Snapon? I'm a franchisee. As far as broke a to, you can send them back to Snapon in Kenosha to get replaced. If it's ratchets or screwdrivers or something small like that. Call the customer care center and tell them what you have. They will ship you the replacement parts that you need. That's if you can't get to a truck. As far as anything else Snapon related, let me know if I can help.

    EDIT: BTW, if your looking to get hex's or torx sockets. Our stuff is up there because of the socket part the bit sits in. My advice is that if your not using them to make money. Take your craftsman bits. Punch out the bit and buy the replacement bit from Snapon. Most are $10 for the replacement bit vs $30-$40 depending on the size you need.
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  6. some guy #2

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    For the minor stuff I do I have no problem use HF anything. The only thing I've gotten from HF that were immediately defective was a pack of 1/16" drill bits. Everything else has been flawless.
  7. BHP41

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    That weatherproof box is awesome. When they debuted them at SFC a few years ago they had it full of tools, including the cordless stuff, sitting in a huge fish tank submerged.
  8. surfingsk8r

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    You can't really go wrong with any true professional grade tool as long as its a proprietary tool. Meaning the didn't buy it from another manufacturer and rebrand it. Both snap on and matco are known for doing that with "specialty" tools

    That said here are a few things regarding certain brands that I have found

    Ratchets. I can and will break any ratchet on the market That said I have found that I tend to break snap on ratchets less frequently and getting them replaced or repaired is never and issue. Additionally snap on has unique sized ratchet handles and body's that other brands don't offer that I find to be extremely helpful with some of the stuff I do.

    Box end wrenches. I prefer to use the matco box end wrenches because of the way they feel in my hand I have never had an issue with one of them slipping or stripping a bolt head or nut and my newest set is going on 10 years so they are plenty durable

    Open end wrenches and line wrenches Hands down snap on is the best Their flank drive system really does work and for when you need to use an open end they almost never slip or round off nuts or bolts unless the nut/bolt was already damaged Their line wrenches have the most tight fit of any brand I have used and never strip in my experience

    Impact gun and air ratchet. I find that matco (really ingersol rand) has better stuff than snap on does when it comes to impact guns. They are heavier usually but they last longer and have consistent performance Same thing with the air ratchets

    Air hammer. Snap on is the best has the best modulation of speed and power

    Sockets. I seem to be unique in my preferences of sockets. I like matco sockets for everything because I find that they are just as durable and grip just as well as other brands but they have large easy to read numbers in blue or red for metric and standard that I find is really helpful when I have all my tools on a cart and am looking for a socket I do however have one set of midlength 3/8 drive snappn sockets because the matco ones can be kinda thick and won't always get to bolts that are recessed into holes due to their thickness but the snap on sockets always seem to be just thin enough to fit

    There is so much more I could say but I think I have covered the basics if you have any further questions pm me

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