Shipping a Glove(s) for Repairs

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  1. barnacle bill

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    We do several glove repairs and have found the best way and least expensive way to ship a glove(s) for repair is in a tyvek "sack" from USPS ( post office) . Buy two of them and put the return address and postage on one and put it inside with the glove(s) . Most gloves will repair for the 25.00 minimum ( per glove) . we can't replace any metal or plastic parts but we can stitch up and repair fingers and palms . for the quickest turnaround put the cash in the glove(s) . if you need something else like a cleaning and conditioning ( 35.00 per pair of gloves) or give me a call for a quote .
    859 336 7375 or contact me through my facebook page Barnacle Bill's Leather Repair . b bill
    barnacle bill's
    1106 logan road
    springfield, ky 40069
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    hey bill do you think this is fixable?
    [​IMG][​IMG] held phantoms
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    barnacle bill Darethea and B Bill

    maybe if the leather isn't dry rotted . about 30.00 a glove and a return shipping label. a usps flat rate tyvek bag is the way to go. buy two. put the same postage and return address on one and put it in the other bag with the glove and the cash. turns around in a day or two . b bill
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