Shipping a Glove(s) for Repairs

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    We do several glove repairs and have found the best way and least expensive way to ship a glove(s) for repair is in a tyvek "sack" from USPS ( post office) . Buy two of them and put the return address and postage on one and put it inside with the glove(s) . Most gloves will repair for the 25.00 minimum ( per glove) . we can't replace any metal or plastic parts but we can stitch up and repair fingers and palms . for the quickest turnaround put the cash in the glove(s) . if you need something else like a cleaning and conditioning ( 35.00 per pair of gloves) or give me a call for a quote .
    859 336 7375 or contact me through my facebook page Barnacle Bill's Leather Repair . b bill
    barnacle bill's
    1106 logan road
    springfield, ky 40069
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