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Discussion in 'Information For New Racers' started by TheScarpino, Jan 24, 2018.

  1. TheScarpino

    TheScarpino Well-Known Member

    Looking for Recommendations on where to have the bike safety wired in or around Atlanta, Ga at a reasonable cost? I have called a very reputable company locally and who is a big player in Wera but I thought their pricing was a bit excessive. Maybe I'm just a penny pincher...but I know that a portion of those same funds can help on race fee's this season.

    items currently wired:
    Oil Filer
    Oil Cap
    Oil Drain Plug

    Bike is a K6 1000

  2. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    Do it yourself. It's not hard, it's good to know your motorcycle. Patience, spare drill bits, take your time, use some sort of lube on the bits and go for it.
  3. mpusch

    mpusch Well-Known Member

    Agree with Sean. Maybe I'm just weird, but I found it therapeutic. If you leave it until the night before a race, then yeah, that would be stressful (if it's your first time).
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  4. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    If you've got even a cheap drill press it's even easier (and also gets you to go through your bike and torque everything properly).
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  5. XACT-Man

    XACT-Man Not that fast....

    As already stated, do it yourself, for the $$ you spend for someone else to do it you can add an inexpensive drill press to your garage, don't scrimp on the cheap bits they go dull and snap easily....
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  6. r1madman

    r1madman Well-Known Member

    Gonna threadjack here for a sec... I understand the concept of safety wiring, especially when wiring bolts/nuts to each other, but still wondering about how THIS is acceptable.
    Is it because the nut/bolt will only be able to spin off so far with the clip attached? Obviously this setup with the clips is best for front/rear ends to facilitate wheel swaps but just want to make sure this kosher.

    note...not my ride
  7. TurboBlew

    TurboBlew Registers Abusers

    odd to see the calipers linked to the axle... but sufficient enough
  8. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    Essentially yes on those. Wiring the axle and caliper bolts is to keep them on the bike as well as a good way to double check you torqued them. Wiring liquid retaining items is to keep the liquid in the bike so those have to be wired so they are pulling tight. If the liquid retention items loosen slightly they can leak causing issues, if the other loosen slightly they don't really cause any issues you don't catch at the next tire change.
  9. r1madman

    r1madman Well-Known Member

    ...So axle pinch bolts are ok to clip as well then?
    asking for a friend lol
  10. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator


    Just remember if you're tying the clips together with regular safety wire it needs to be replaced regularly as well, it will get bent enough to break. I'd usually do mine every few months depending on the number of races. Also ran it though tubing for looks and ease of double checking it was there.
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  11. Tristan

    Tristan Well-Known Member

    Looks like the clip goes thru nut and axle, don't see the point of the wire in this case. The long wire run between 2 points in general is not desirable but sometimes the best/only choice.
  12. 05Yamabomber

    05Yamabomber Dammit Haga

    Anyone have a general drill bit brand and size they have had good success with? I have a drill press, but havent safety wired in years. I do remember the frustration for sure though. Im hoping the drill press helps this go-around.
  13. TheScarpino

    TheScarpino Well-Known Member

    I found out quickly that the cheap/non-name brand bits just snap and take twice as long to drill.

    I went to HD and bought Kobalt bits. Think they were 2.50 each. I bought 10 and only have used 2 for the entire bike. I have 3 more bolts to drill and may break out the 3rd bit just to knock it out fast.

    I used 5 of the cheap bits on 2 bolts if that gives you an idea.
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  14. 05Yamabomber

    05Yamabomber Dammit Haga

    What about size of bit? Thanks for the brand suggestion.
  15. TheScarpino

    TheScarpino Well-Known Member

    They are made by Milwaukee
    "Hard Metal"
    "10x Life"

    size 3/32"

    Thats what i used.
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  16. mjkuhno

    mjkuhno Member

    LOL - I find it therapeutic to safety wire the bike too! Thought I might be the only one, but apparently not.
  17. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    The frustration and ultimate success also helps foster a good relationship with your bike :D
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  18. Mechdziner714

    Mechdziner714 More Gas Less Brakes

    Also makes cheap beer taste real good.
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  19. S.bryant.H400

    S.bryant.H400 Member

    I am looking to purchase a high quality stainless pre drilled axle bolts and maybe pinch bolts. I know of probolt. Com. Any other recommendations?
  20. Tas

    Tas Well-Known Member

    Micheal is the owner and racer here in NH. I’ve gotten hardware and levers from him:

    Check him out as a possible option.
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